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Essay cheat companies face university ban

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Check the following reasons: How to write a conclusion for an essay Sum Up the Main Points Briefly There are many ways to learn how to write a conclusion for an essay.

How to write a quote in an essay How to Write a Quote in an Essay How to write a quote in an essay correctly? To get a detailed answer, check available guidelines and standards or turn to writing experts who will ease your college life. This could only be possible if it was perceived that a coup would better serve the foreign interest of the British government. As explained above, the media plays a role, both as an input or output tool for foreign policy decisions. As a result, political leaders join foreign policy decisions with the media in mind.

The British government is no exception, when it comes to such strategies. The BBC is such an important institution to British foreign policy that employees are vetted by M15, which is charged with gathering security intelligence within Britain.

This extra precaution shows the BBC handles sensitive matters that would hurt the foreign policy of Britain were it to fall in the wrong hands.

The British intelligence in the past has used BBC reporters as spies or conduits of information. Nevertheless, this was discouraged, as it could compromise the perceived independence of the BBC.

This independence is the most important asset of the BBC and it has seen its audience grow, even when it faces stiff competition across the globe. This security check up was strictly enforced during the cold war.

The BBC during this period was openly biased against the communist bloc. It served the British foreign policy by broadcasting propaganda in its affiliation stations that were established to broadcast to Easter Europe that was dominated by the Soviet Union. The BBC by highlighting the problems in these countries served tthe British foreign policy of showing these countries in a bad light.

This was meant to contrast with democracy and high standard of living that supposedly existed in the West. The BBC opinion shaping abilities has proved invaluable in foreign policy.

It said the BBC, on the advice of the British government, blew out the proportion of the threat from Iraq to convince the British people and the world that war or invasion was the only option to deal with the threat. After the invasion, the threat turned out to be less than what the public had been led to believe. This resulted in heavy criticism from the Hutton inquiry that was denied by the BBC.

Due to the importance of BBC to foreign policy, there is close interaction between the head or director of the corporation and the government of the day. Issues that can impact negatively on British foreign policy are discussed before decisions are made. Though the government cannot expressly dictate on the broadcast or any other material, the consultation affords the government the benefit of being forewarned and, thus, steps to counter the damage can be implemented.

It is a fact that the British government pays close attention to BBC news, especially foreign broadcast. In some cases, pressure is brought in the name of national security to preclude anything that would be too damaging to the British foreign interest. Through development participation in such activities as health, there is the creation of goodwill towards Britain, which is one of the goals of foreign policy.

Finally, BBC influence on foreign policy derives from its impact on the psyche of the public. Through concentration on particular foreign stories, it galvanizes the public attention and concern and the government has no alternative but to implement what the public wants in its foreign policy. Conclusion In conclusion, the media plays a key role in all the stages of foreign formulation of policy as foreign policy decision-making process takes place in an environment, partly influenced by the mass media.

Indeed, political players consider the media to be a key input, when making decision that have internal as well as external effect. I'm not saying that all overseas students are bad students, far from it. Some of them had excellent English language skills. But far too many of them little to no written English skills, and very basic spoken English.

I often found myself in a group of 5 or 6 people for group coursework, where I was the only person with English as a first language. As a result I found myself having to edit everyone's work, and do much of the research myself as everyone else would just sit around, not knowing what to do as they didn't understand what the lecturer had told them. We have lots of overseas students. I only know about my department, but I can say that we do not admit overseas students lacking English qualifications, we don't dumb things down for overseas students with poor English some do seem to have worse English than would be suggested by their qualifications and we deal with plagiarisers very severely.

Regarding essay writing services, if they really are only providing model answers that they don't expect to be plagiarised, then they should be happy to provide copies of all their essays to Turnitin, the online anti-plagiarism service that a lot of UK Universities use. If they aren't happy to do this then the obvious explanation is that they are lying about what they expect their products to be used for.

Rob Knell, London I'm currently a 2nd year studying Economics. There's a large proportion of foreign students on my course. It can cause problems in several ways, the most notable is in tutorials where we do group work for example. Some of them cannot contribute and it is often left to other students to carry them in these situations. I don't however think this is the students' fault, I am angry at the universities for taking them on.

Everyone knows that however they sugar coat it they get thousands more in fees from a foreign student than a UK student. Lewis, Manchester Buying and using ghost-written essays is already a part of the academic culture all English-speaking countires. To just focus on foreign students' efforts to use the service of essay companies is to diminish the significance of the problem.

The question is why should there be companies that make a living writing essays for sale? Such companies are still likely to more than break even if there are no foreign students. To make students -- foreign or national -- do the work that forms a basis for their degrees, all essay-writing companies should be made to make all copies of their essays available to the turnitin site, to make it easy for teachers to check for plagiarism.

At the lowest level this is admitting foreign students at the undergraduate level who do not have a strong enough grasp of English. At the upper end it is outrageous neglect of doctoral students, supervisors being so lazy that they don't read a chapter for 5 months or more. Foreign students just shouldn't attend UK universities. The services are simply too poor. Plagiarism is rampant amongst British students - and has been for a long time. I did my undergrad and PhD here as a foreign student, and many of my colleagues were plagiarising in their undergraduate essays and some were having their masters and PhDs written by others.

Randal, London This is a very serious issue and one that could totally undermine all higher education in the UK.

As someone who has worked in British universities for 30 years, I cannot support the view that our universities are happy to take students' money and run.

Far from it, they do provide students with a great deal of support far more than students of my generation received in the s when I was one. I feel that British universities have been naive in defending themselves against a variety of forms of cheating. Many contributors note the poor quality of English of many foreign students. Yet, I fear that just as there is a market for plagiarized essays, there is a market for forged English qualifications.

I have no other way of explaining how students with strong qualifications prove unable to communicate or write in proper English. Second, I fear that where plagiarism is established, many UK universities are timid in the extreme in applying the sanctions that they have at their disposal, often restricting themselves to token or insufficient punishments.

It is my view that plagiarism is cheating and should attract the most severe penalties. Unless strong action is taken, I fear that the very quality that foreign students look for in UK education will be eroded - the integrity of the degrees. I study in the Uni of Bristol and find ironically a lot of Chinese students in Economics written based and very few in the course I do Maths. Also many of them don't have the adequate conversational skills and certainly not the witten skills.

And just for the record, I am a an overseas student from a country where English is not a first language but it is one of a few languages in my home. I think unis take the money and run away.

I am also very disappointed in the lack of financial support,the food is not subsidised,rent is rocket high, tuition fees are absurdly proposterous as well as severe lack of reinvestment in infrastructure.

How the hell can these Chinese students not cheat? Blame the examiners for not spotting them. Ralf, Portsmouth Putting all the blames on overseas students are just not the right way.

As an international student myself, I admit that there are some overseas students who do not have the adequate level of English to deal with university work. However, most of the time, overseas students put in more effort and time than home students for a similar piece of work to get similar results because of language disadvantage. Moreover, having to cope with emotional pain due to language deficiency and not being appreciated in group work makes their university life in UK worse.

Oxbridge tutorial system as mentioned by Dr. Andrew Edmonds to cope with plagiarism. Chin, Birmingham Having spent over 14 years as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I too am depressed about the extent to which Educational Institutions in English-speaking countries are taking a narrowly business-centred approach to marketing courses for non-native speakers.

The latest - not to put too fine a point on it - 'scams' are 'out-sourcing' University courses with a guarentee -regardless of real performance - of a place in the home university's undergraduate programme.

Co-existent with this trend is the increasing effort Universities put into 'Bridging Programmes' where, after a derisory few terms of supposedly 'intensive' English, those who merit the description 'Modest User' or worse! It's ALL about "Show me the money! Many can barely speak English and typically are divided amongst home student groups for group work so that their lack of contribution can go unreported.

The more you look at British education the more full of holes you see. The reality is that there are far far too many home and overseas students who should NOT be there.

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