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❶Unfortunately, both liberal and radical feminist perspectives have been criticized, especially by women of color, for being exclusionary and limited in scope. Although in most cases, sexual assault is done by a man on a woman but in some cases, it has been documented to also be done by several men, women or children on men and children also Openshaw et al.

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Unfortunately, both liberal and radical feminist perspectives have been criticized, especially by women of color, for being exclusionary and limited in scope. Historically, liberal feminism and radical feminism have mentioned the issues that related to White heterosexual women, without necessarily considering the realities that women of color, poor and working-class women, and also lesbian women might face.

Marxism, like radical feminism, starts with a theory of adversative social classes with a fundamental distinguishable power relationship defining them, and then analyzes all of society in terms of that power struggle, especially in economic system of capitalism in which Marxism focuses on the economic independence capacity of women when noticing the gender equality.

This theory blames capitalism, not social norms, on the cause of oppression. Under capitalist society, women are a crowed ratio of labor force, they are hired because they are prone to be commanded, and with low wage, they seem to be consistent with monotonous and tedious work. Socialist feminism is the dissatisfaction over Marxism thought.

Marx felt when class oppression was overcome, gender oppression would automatically vanish. Socialist feminism is against the traditional Marxist ideas by including it under broader oppression. This means that in the society, women is oppressed by capitalism in the role of labor, and within the family, they continue to be victim of another layer of oppression from their husband.

Husband is bourgeoisie and wife is proletariat. If most of theories try to liberate women by changing the structure of society, radical feminism liberate women by encouraging them to get rid of the constraints of male sexuality, allowing each person to express their own capacity in sexuality that is full of masculine and feminine. Home Essays Feminist theory. Feminist theory 9 September We will write a custom essay sample on.

A limited time offer! As one critic notes, "From the early…… [Read More]. Feminist Interpretation of Aristotle and. Aristotle believed that human flourishing NE: The mere presence of women in Congress suggests that voters rejected a man, but it is better to look at this not as the rejection of one male or not , but as the result of human flourishing. This increased competition of more women pursuing what they feel is their own responsibility will result in more unemployment for men, a notion bolstered by Mill's belief that, "hoever succeeds in an overcrowded profession or in a competitive examination…reaps benefits from the loss of others" Mill; Hirshman p.

This could be viewed as human flourishing, which is good, but it connotes competition and struggle and doesn't make the pursuit seem virtuous.

Aristotle, if following his own ethics in the world today, would have to believe that women are where they are because of human flourishing and their pursuit of what…… [Read More]. Feminist Therapy and Postmodern Approaches. A teen might be asked to tell their own story from the point-of-view of other people they know, looking at themselves from other viewpoints.

These clients are freed to invent stories and play parts in that serve the purpose of providing a framework of meaning and direction for themselves. The stories are never singled out as "true" or "false," but a recognition that truth is complex and no one story can encompass all of the truth aids the client in seeing him or herself as a complex and meaningful role-player.

And in that context, since one story may not be claimed to be the whole truth, no one story may not dominate a person's life. Life, to the client and narrator of these "stories" becomes an adventure in which trials are meant to be overcome and designed to prepare one for the future, rather than to defeat. The religious story…… [Read More]. An evaluation of the conceptual framework According to ebecca M.

Beardsley and Michelle Hughes Miller's article "evisioning the process: A case study in feminist program evaluation," feminist program evaluations are based upon three core principles.

The first principle is cooperation, namely that all relevant stakeholders must be considered when setting the standards for evaluation, not simply the program designers. The second is one of a lack of hierarchy -- the evaluation team members are all regarded as equal partners. Thirdly, the program must be evaluated from the ideological perspective of feminism. Although this final standard might seem unrealistic to use in program evaluation in anything buy a woman-oriented program, such as the program targeting females in the article, Beardsley and Miller point out that the majority of consumers of social services are female.

The authors believe that…… [Read More]. Women Reading and Women Writing in Austen's Persuasion Feminist criticism is equally concerned with female authorship and with female readership and in the case of Jane Austen, both issues must be addressed.

Frantz in noted that on one level Austen's influence on female readership has been immense: Yet feminist criticism of the early novel overall has begun to focus specifically on the rationale offered for novel-reading in the eighteenth century, when the printer's apprentice Samuel Richardson wrote Pamela in imitation of what Jenny Davidson describes as "conduct manuals," or books of etiquette for female…… [Read More]. Sociological Theories Sociology of Gender.

In the article, Almaguer focuses on three elements that influenced Moraga's social reality as she was growing up: Chicano culture centers on race as an indicator of one's cultural orientation, while patriarchy serves as the ideology that is prevalent in Moraga's social reality. Homosexuality, particularly, lesbianism, is Moraga's release from the somewhat repressing role that she perceives women receive in her culture. Thus, lesbianism becomes Moraga's alternative sexual orientation to a heterosexually conservative Chicano culture.

Using the following factors concerning the cultural, social, and…… [Read More]. Educational Theory and Philosophy in. Nearing the end of the s, the analytic or language philosophy became the central focus point which led to the isolation of the classroom setting and the problems that came with it Greene, Most of the educational philosophers of the time were inclined towards restricting themselves to the official aspects and problems like the sovereignty of the system without any influence from the society and the surrounding environment and the assessment of the calls and school structure conducted for its growth or for the progression of the epistemology that it embodied Greene, All those setups that seemed to be coming across as invasive or seemed to add a personalized bias where it didn't belong were quickly identified and removed.

This was one of the reasons that led to the obsession of the possible consequences that could exist due to the practicality of the philosophical theories. Inflexibility was adeptly…… [Read More]. Five Approaches and Theory. Ethnography, case study, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory Although all five major approaches to qualitative research embrace theory to some degree or another, not all of them value the use of theory to the same degree. Broadly speaking, some cultural 'theory' is usually demonstrated within an ethnography, either through a comparative approach; an attempt to understand the culture on its own terms; a theory that seeks to understand the multiple layers of meaning within the culture in a symbolic fashion; or even a universalizing construct like feminist or Marxist theory.

The extent to which this theoretical approach is emphasized will depend upon the anthropologist conducting the study.

Some studies may mainly focus upon observations and detail unique aspects of a foreign culture while other studies might largely subsume…… [Read More]. Sociological theories have helped widen people's scope on social behaviors and societies. In fact, the study of sociological theories makes one develop a comprehensive understanding of sociology's past, present and future.

There are a number of sociological theories namely: Government, religion, education, economics and family are some of the five major social institutions that have been there for quite some time. This term paper seeks to evaluate the impacts of functionalism, conflict, and interaction theories on the family institution. The paper will address how each of the theories apply to the family as a social institution; the similarities and differences that exist; how each theory affects the views of an individual who is a member of the family unit; how each of the theories affect approach…… [Read More].

Alleged sex abuse victim's fight for justice turns into bureaucratic nightmare. Kholi has accused O'Connor of sexual abuse. After the complaint was lodged formally, a complex bureaucratic process ensued whereby the entire case appears to have been stalemated. However, the bureaucratic complications become even trickier.

Feminism Heaney and Dickinson Feminist. Because society compromises the value of the woman, it is allowed the life of domesticity and life. The speaker however remains forever beyond this because she chooses self-realization instead. In Heaney's "Punishment," feminism can be seen from the male viewpoint, as it were.

The corpse of a bog girl, an adulteress, educates the narrator regarding issues of gender and politics. The narrator, far from the conventional male reaction of disgust, instead becomes infatuated with her. It is as if he is the male representative of the feminist viewpoint; that women offer value and education rather than objects of sex or symbols of domesticity.

The intimacy between the speakers involve no blame. Instead of man and woman, they are equals, in strong contrast with the society that would condemn them both for their actions and their association.

Rct Relational Cultural Theory as. RCT believes that everyone desires growth and that growth is by necessity connective in relational and cultural links. Mutual empathy and mutual empowerment foster these relationships in positive ways.

Jordan, "The role of mutual" Sigmund Freud and Erik Erickson may arguably be two of the most influential icons in the field of human development and psychology. Their fundamental concept that human's develop over a lifetime and not just in a few stages from birth to adolescence and then are frozen into psychological patterns, revolutionized thinking in the field of developmental psychology. The term Life Span Development came to the fore as Erickson devised his eight stages of psychosocial development ranging from birth to eighty years old.

Later as he himself passed eighty he realized that there is yet another stage and the count became nine. Film Theory The canonical model of the purely cinematic Eisenstein, Kracauer, Bazin starts disappearing in contemporary theory. Explain in different ways how the textual content and form, the film text itself and institutional have merged together.

Choose two theorists for whom the institutional issues are integrally connected to the textual ones, and explain their insights about reading cinema. The first section is the introduction, the next section is called "Pleasure in Looking: Fascination with the Human Form. Mulvey makes numerous assertions in her work, but one of her primary intentions of "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" is to call serious,…… [Read More].

Travis Hirschi's Social Bonding Theory The theorist, Hirschi, asserts that those who exhibit deviant behavior desire to do so and that criminal behavior is seen among people with weak social bonds. The theorist indicates that with increased attachment of a person to fellow human beings, their belief in conformist social values will increase.

Furthermore, with increased investment and involvement in conventional activity, their propensity to deviate will decrease Chriss, The first component -- attachment -- denotes individuals' ties to their spouses or partners, and other members of the family. This aspect encompasses the extent of…… [Read More]. Psychology Objectification Theory Refers to. Third, certain circumstances are more likely to prompt self-objectification than others.

These experiments confirmed that trying on a swimsuit is one of these circumstances. This circumstance appears to lead to a sense of being on display even though no actual observers were present. Data from the manipulation check suggested that wearing the swimsuit reduced the person's to feeling that they were nothing more than their body. Trying on swimwear led females to feel embarrassment and repulsion, while this identical circumstance led men to experience bashful and ridiculous thoughts.

Shame has been thought to a failure to obtain moral standards. The researchers interpreted the increased shame felt by women as representing the increased cultural strains put on women to adhere to physical beauty standards. Inducing state self-objectification also reduced math performance only for women, which was consistent with the prediction, that self objectification consume mental assets.

The performance decrement established here…… [Read More]. Rebecca From a Feminist Standpoint. Most people who knew ebecca knew that she was beautiful, charming, and wealthy. Most people did not know her feelings of self-loathing, anger, and wishing for death. Maxim de Winter accommodates her by supplying her a decadent lifestyle, by catering to her every whim, even by murdering her -- she tempts and pushes him to fulfill her wishes: She has terminal cancer and numerous affairs.

Danvers honors and accommodates ebecca with convergence with every breath; she accommodates the second Mrs. The only action taken that does not accommodate ebecca and is severely divergent, is the burning of the mansion, Manderley, and the de Winters fleeing after the fire.

As for the future communication behaviors of…… [Read More]. Dissecting Criminal Labelling Theory Howard. Thus, even "victimless" deviant activities are regulated through various methods of formal and informal control.

The deviancy ascribed to Brenda's teen pregnancy, for example, stems largely from the way she challenges the norms regarding sexual behavior.

Conflict theorists believe that laws and norms do not reflect values of society as a whole, but only of the dominant segment. Similarly, it could be said that Brenda's drug habit is a victimless crime.

If she pursues reasonable precautions, such as avoiding driving and staying in a private place, her drug use does not differ much from smoking or alcohol consumption. However, since drug use is frowned upon by the social elite, Brenda is seen as a criminal.

Feminist theory Similar to conflict and Marxist theories, feminist theorists see much social inequity in society. This social inequity is one that divides the sexes. Early on in Brenda's life, the loss of job of…… [Read More]. Multicultural therapies like ethnic family therapy recognize the multiple worldviews and diversity of values among clientele.

Moreover, multicultural therapies avoid problems associated with decontextualization and the ignorance of politics and power structures in people's lives Comas-Diaz, Therapists working in a diverse environment do need to develop cultural competence to serve their communities. Cultural competence requires self-awareness and recognition of one's own worldview, biases, and attitudes.

Likewise, cultural competence leads to effective means of helping people whose worldviews and backgrounds are different from the therapist. Without branching too much into related social sciences like sociology, anthropology, and social work, multicultural psychological therapies do draw from other disciplines in order to form a more cohesive vision of cultural competence.

No person develops in isolation of his or her culture or background. Therefore, it is critical to include dynamics of oppression, experiences of racism or stigma, issues related to the immigrant experience,…… [Read More]. This theory has special significance on relationships and the settings that women attest to. In the recent times, researchers and psychologist have perceived the dissimilarities in mental development between men and women Saari, A key conclusion is that women strongly emphasize on relationships whereas men lay emphasis on individuation Quinn and Grumbach, One of the main assumptions of the relational theory is the intrinsically and innately social nature of human beings.

Based on the belief that people are socially founded and instituted by associations, relational theory seeks to understand the complication behind the formation of relationships Mccauley, In particular, the relational theory puts forward that the relational nature of us as human beings' steers and instigates us to grow and develop through and in the direction of connection.

Although women have been able to make a degree of progress, finally achieving positions of social and political power, the number of women in these high offices is still far less than the roles that are filled by man.

Modern women, far removed from the "angels in the house" of the Victorian age, are nonetheless still impacted by the sociological oppression of women which was reinforced during that era, according to the rhetorical theory of feminism.

Given that this is the case, men and women need to be aware of these underlying gender biases so that they can both combat them and make sure that they themselves do not fall prey to them. People who deny that this subjugation of women may be enlightened by closer examination of the power dynamics which exists…… [Read More].

Theory Help You to Make Sense of. Too often, individuals get an idea stuck in their heads and they cannot dislodge it no matter how hard they try. In actuality though, most people who can only contrive a particular system for working, whether that be managing or running an organization, and there is no interest in change.

I realize that falling back to a secure position is comforting, but it is also damaging from a growth standpoint. And, growth is the object in business; that is, aside from the fact that making money is probably the primary concern.

But making money has led to some troubling consequences in the world as businesses have grown greedy and managers have become overly authoritarian and sure of their stagnant methods.

The reality is that "managing and organizing are not isolatable objects of study…… [Read More]. There is a constant need to ask 'what is the purpose of learning' and 'what makes an individual educated in our society. Schools are being judged as 'successes' and failures based upon predetermined standards.

But this is not a new debate. Ever since Plato people have debated what individuals are teachable and the role of the state in educating young people. Critical theory helps to contextualize the debate about the nature of human intelligence and what constitutes an acceptable canon of knowledge.

For example, during the 19th century for upper-class boys, knowing Greek and Latin rather than technical disciplines was prized. Today, the sciences are given priority in judging educational excellence, such as the sciences…… [Read More]. Post-Feminist Society Contemporary Feminist Advocacy Although there is not absolute consensus, popular writings about feminism suggest that there have been three waves of feminism: This third wave of feminism made salient a more subjective voice that pointed at the intersection of race and gender with greater resolve than would have been possible when…… [Read More].

As the sessions proceeded, the therapist debriefed the client with the aim of de-escalating her psychologically. This enabled the client to explore and express a feeling of guilt and perception that she had failed to give her best to maintain her job.

During the debriefing process, it was evident that the client believed that she was responsible for her job loss. She had been experiencing notable difficulties maintaining concentration and sleeping. Ultimately, this led to significant distress in social function. After a week, the client reported to the therapist that she felt that she was not alone in the first time. As a result, she reported that she no longer needed the sedative medication, but remained compliant to the prescribed medication.

After a while, the client related her belief in her ability to apply for new job opportunities. It is evident that the client's experience achieved the diagnostic criteria for…… [Read More]. Feminist Scholars Have Made Important. Interviewers possess a certain power because they have both taken and been given authority to ask questions and to expect answers that most people do not get to ask the subject. The subject can claim or reclaim power by refusing to answer questions, or by lying.

The researcher can reclaim some of that power by the fact that getting to serve as an expert can be deeply rewarding to the subject, who will not want to relinquish the role of expert. The interviewer tends to have the power of a prestigious institution such as a university behind her or him, which can shift power to the interviewer, especially in research projects in which there is already a power social or economic differential between researcher and subject.

However, sometimes the power that the interviewer holds because of her or his association with an institution can be countered by the power of…… [Read More].

Theory -- Approach Linkage as You Prepare. Theory -- Approach Linkage As you prepare to complete your literature review, it is important to understand the relationship between theory and the qualitative approach. For this Discussion, you will analyze this relationship and how it is -- or is not -- reflected in the articles you have chosen.

To prepare for this Discussion: Consider the role of theory in qualitative research. In each one, how clear is the alignment of theory with the choice of qualitative approach for the study?

How well do the authors justify the alignment? Which article stands out to you as the best example of alignment between theory and approach? Draw inferences from the qualitative articles in your literature review to answer the following question: These two 2 paradigms are qualitative in nature, namely the interpretive and critical paradigms. Critical paradigm is closely associated with the Marxist, feminist, and psychoanalytic schools of thought, while interpretive or symbolic interactionism paradigm is linked with hermeneutics and phenomenology.

The focus of the discussions that follow will be on this second paradigm, interpretive paradigm, particularly exploring the hermeneutic and phenomenological schools of thought Fossey, , p. In order to understand these schools of thought, it is important to also understand the tradition from which these ideas emerged.

Under the interpretive paradigm, truth is considered subjective and variable. In truth-seeking, the researcher recognizes that there are many "truths," and these…… [Read More]. Human Trafficking Feminist Issue. Theory -- Approach Linkage Human trafficking in Vietnam: Article critique Although no region of the world is immune to the problem of human trafficking, in certain areas the crime is particularly acute.

In Asia, the ratio of trafficked persons relative to the rest of the population is even higher than it is worldwide, with 3 victims per every 1, inhabitants, and that is only of the persons who are known to be trafficked uong There are also a likely very high percentage of trafficked persons who are not detected by any legal agencies at all.

The majority are likely thought to be women, specifically women in the sex trade. With this in mind, uong offers a gender-based analysis of trafficking, with a focus upon Vietnam. Vietnam is often called…… [Read More]. Half the Sky From a Feminist Perspective. Half the Sky from a Feminist Perspective In the last sixty years, women in estern countries and to a lesser extent the rest of the world have become outspoken about women's rights, demanding equal rights in political, economic, cultural, social, and domestic spheres.

Their struggles and activism, generally known as feminist movements, helped to elevate the status of women in many countries. Yet, as Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl udunn document in their book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for omen orldwide, the struggle for gender equality is far from over. Kristoff and udunn demonstrate the deeply troubling picture of gender relations around the world where women and girls are systematically subjected to brutality, mistreatment, and discrimination.

In their attempt to expose gender inequality in the world, Kristoff and udunn are largely successful, but their analysis is not well-grounded in feminist scholarship, which weakens their argumentation. Kristoff and…… [Read More]. Intercultural and or Cross-Cultural Communication Theories.

Support for the Tannen model only was found after additional research was done, and a new questionnaire was given that scored recipient's self-perception in terms of feminine and masculine characteristics and inculcation into traditional gender roles. Individuals with strong gender self-images were more likely to fall in line with the Tannen model of women perceiving nurturance and males perceiving conflict in relatively neutral scenarios and seeing men in general as less cooperative.

This study is provocative on several levels, not the least of which in its stress upon the individualized nature of gender norms and the lack of inherent biological tendencies towards perceiving nurturance and conflict. It suggests the need to more carefully screen subjects in terms of individualized…… [Read More]. Integrated Theory Sexual assault is an assault which is of a sexual nature done on another person either of the same of different sex. It also includes any form of sexual act that is committed without the consent of the person.

Although in most cases, sexual assault is done by a man on a woman but in some cases, it has been documented to also be done by several men, women or children on men and children also Openshaw et al. There are also another 80, children in America who are abused sexually every year. Estimates by help agencies say that about one in every six American women has experienced sexual assault or will experience sexual assault at least…… [Read More].

Defining and measuring the effectiveness and performance of workers is a specific part of the HM manager's work. The question presenting is one that asks how the skills, behaviors and attitudes that are needed by workers to successfully and effectively perform their roles is defined. One way of measuring this is linking the performance of individuals to the organizational goals. This is generally accomplished through use of competencies which are described as "the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively.

By having a defined set of competencies for each role in the business, it shows workers the kinds of behaviors the organizational values…" MindTools, Lawrence reports that people are "multifaceted and…… [Read More]. Sociological Theory Sociology There were several theories that I found interesting as a part of the course, yet the theory that I connected with most personally was Symbolic Interaction.

This theory was established first by George Herbert Mead, who coined the phrase "symbolic interactionism" first. The theory has been present in the field of sociology for several decades, and after the death of Mead, other sociologists took on the theory in their own works, studies, and theories. This theory is one of my favorites for a few reasons, one of which is because I believe I have seen it at work in my own life and in the interactions of others in their lives.

I also agree with the validity of this theory because I feel that it coincides with other theories in other fields, such as psychology. There are psychologists, such as Freudian psychologists and Lacanian psychologists that have…… [Read More]. Bruner's Constructivist Theory and the Conceptual Paradigms. Bune's constuctivist theoy and the conceptual paadigms of Kolb's Expeiential Leaning theoy dawing on the associated theoies ae Kinesthetic and Embodied Leaning.

As also noted in the intoductoy chapte, the guiding eseach question fo this study was, "What ae the caee paths fo teaching atists seeking to deploy into the field of community at and development? Thee ae a wide aay of theoetical models that can be used to identify and bette undestand teaching and leaning pefeences by educatos and students,…… [Read More]. Educational Theory Meaning of Authentic. Instead, it is rigid and reinforced with bureaucracy and red tape, thus making it a poor system for education and children.

Educating the whole child. The educational model is conducted throughout the child's education - from kindergarten through high school, and recognizes the child is a complete being, with spirit, mind, and body, and each item must be addressed in the educational model.

The model attempts to educate the "whole" child - heart, head, and hands, by offering education in a variety of areas, from academics to art and practical, hands-on activities. The children are encouraged to play as well as study, to help develop fully rounded personalities and ideas. Teachers also use storytelling, fairy tales, and other folk art as models for teaching and involving the children…… [Read More].

Feminist Criminology and Victimization Theory Feminist Criminology Feminist criminology theory proposes that social and ethnic structures that lead to gender oppression will increase the prevalence of criminality among the oppressed Bernard, In most cultures, including the west, there exists a history of subjugation of women at all levels of society.

The feminist movement in the United States and elsewhere accordingly sought to reduce or eliminate the power of these social, legal, and religious sanctions that relegated women to second class citizenship.

This was the driving force behind the emergence of the feminist criminology model. In support of the feminist criminology model, Bernard points out that some women within society have a higher risk of incarceration.

This demographic…… [Read More]. Deductive Logic and Theory Building. Deductive and Inductive Theory Construction There has been much controversy regarding feminism during recent decades and even though the contemporary society has reached a particularly advanced level when considering the idea of civilization, gender discrimination continues to occur in some areas. One's location is likely to be an important factor in making the respective individual more or less of a feminist.

Geographic locations are thus essential in shaping a person's character and his or her determination to become a feminist. I believe that it is very likely for feminism to depend on factors such as geographic location, taking into account that many cultures are hesitant about accepting feminist ideas and some are even likely to use harsh criticism as a means to control or even to eradicate these respective ideas.

My theory is going to attempt to confirm the fact that geographic location can play an important role in making…… [Read More]. Race Critical Theories Text and. Essed notes the profound perceived threat to power experienced by those in the majority feel when even small encroachments are made by other groups into the dominant fabric of society, and how tacit racism against minorities is often allowed even by those who might not consider themselves prejudiced on an interactional and personal level In short, the institutional racism of society inevitably affects interpersonal relations, even amongst people who do not harbor what we might think of as hatred in their hearts.

Racism for Essed is an ideological social construct, a powerful social and philosophical method of enforcement that affects how 'people' see the world, and also the mechanisms of the justice system Racist images and practices become an invisible and accepted part of daily life, and are unquestioned, thus it is not enough to simply change one's individual mind Her essay, though it seems overly focused…… [Read More].

Weber believes politics is a required activity of government used in order to influence and control the relative distribution of force and power in the country. Weber wrote of three main types of authority and political leadership domination that is present in society. These three types are charismatic, traditional and legal domination. Weber also developed a theory of stratification where he explained and used such ideas as class, status, and party. According to his theory class is determined by an individual's economic situation.

The notion of status is similar to prestige and honor. And the main purpose of parties is to gain domination in certain spheres of life. Like Weber, arx saw society as the struggle for class…… [Read More]. Ethical Theories in Nursing. Utilitarianism Deontology Utilitarianism Justice Ethics vs.

Care Ethics Justice Ethics Care Ethics ights Ethics Conflict of ights Ethical Theories in Nursing Moral philosophy has moved from addressing Plato's question of what makes the good person, to Kant's query as to the right thing to do, to Buber's concern with relationship.

Whether referring to business ethics' interest in relationships between corporations and consumers; legal ethics' focus on relationships among the legal system, clients, and society; or nursing ethics' consideration of the relationship between patient and nurse; ethics and morality are conceptualized and actualized on the playing field of relationship.

The nature of nursing as a moral endeavor is an assumption embedded in any philosophical or theoretical consideration of the discipline and practice of nursing. An the goal of nursing is a moral one, namely, the good of…… [Read More]. Erikson's Theory of Psychological Development. The theory does not appear to allow for success in the workplace solely for the sake of workplace success. Instead, it appears to view procreation as the ultimate purpose of human life, with workplace success only a vehicle towards attaining success within the loving family circle.

To these ideas the authors add that the theory does not account for intimacy beyond the heterosexual and indeed beyond the sexual. As such, the theory is fundamentally inadequate to address the entire paradigm of successful adult individuation and attachment. Furthermore, the authors note that the theory is very limited in its connection between the biological and the psychological paradigms of differences between the male and female.

While the theory does indeed better address the positive aspects of female development, it does so primarily in terms of the female drive to bear children, which substantiates the feminist view that the theory appears to be…… [Read More].

Cognitive Theory Cognition Is the. A feminist framework may be adopted for a more comprehensive and sensitive approach to the problem in order to benefit the large group of women clients.

The new understanding must also be incorporated into the mainstream of cognitive writings and practice and treated as only a special interest topic Hurst. Cognitive behavior therapy, based on the five foregoing studies, has shown important gains greater than traditional counseling approach, but needs follow-up work. It has also demonstrated efficacy in producing lower relapse rate than the standard clinical treatment.

The discourse approach to the negative self-perception of depressed patients has showed limitations as a technique. Cross Cultural Theories Based on Bend it. Different films do have different numbers of characters, who act as family members, friends, and business personnel's in order to portray to the different issues to their viewers.

With the help of a team comprising of the writer, producer and the directors, the characters are able to follow instructions so as to produce a film with the required themes. Bend it like Beckham, is a comedy-drama film in which the title is derived from a famous England football player David Beckham and his ability to score from…… [Read More].

Sociology Theories How Do Berger. The same kind of conflict carried over into the political realm as well, sometimes violent. The problem was that there was no system whereby conflicts could be resolved. But Marx's analysis, Dahrendorf goes on, was tainted because of his obsession with proletarian revolution.

At this point in his essay, Dahrendorf, though rejecting Marx in that context, asserts that since there are "interest groups" and "quasi-groups" those must then be considered "classes. Rationalist Theories of International Relations Despite the. Rationalist Theories of International Relations Despite the name, rationalist theories of international relations are anything but, limited as they are by both an almost childlike understanding of human behavior and a catastrophic lack of imagination.

Rationalist theories of international relations, like the Objectivism which developed in the same post-orld ar II period, rely on a number of assumptions which have since been shown to be empirically false. Rationalism assumes that the most important, and in fact, the only entities dictating international relations are nation states, and that these nation states are engaged in a zero-sum game of diplomacy and war, in which the goals of every nation state is eventual dominance above all others, so that international relations are dictated almost exclusively through violence or coercion, with diplomacy essentially reduced to the well-spoken threat of force.

Thus, rationalist theories of international relations are not only incorrect, but altogether dangerous, as…… [Read More]. Deductive and Inductive Theory Construction. Deductive Logic and Theory Building Theory Poverty is often a significant element influencing individuals to take on a life of crime, taking into account that organized crime leaders tend to recruit their subordinates from underprivileged environments.

Poor persons have lesser options in comparison to others and gradually come to consider that committing criminal acts is the only solution they have in order to survive. From the perspective of organized crime leaders poor areas are thus perfect recruitment spots. There is a complex relationship between poverty and organized crime and by analyzing a series of organized crime communities from around the world one is likely to observe that many tend to focus on recruiting underprivileged individuals.

Many organized…… [Read More]. Ethical Theory Ethics Given What. Utilitarianism is most often used by healthcare organizations like insurance companies: As unpalatable as the idea may be, no patient can be tested for every single conceivable illness he or she might contract. There must be some prioritization of high-risk groups.

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- Feminist Theory Introduction Feminist Theory is an aspect of considering feminism as having been based on socio-phenomenon issues rather than biological or scientific. It appreciates gender inequality, analyzes the societal roles played by feminists in a bid to promote the interests, issues and rights of women in the society.

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Feminist Theory Essay Feminism refers to political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing greater rights, legal protection for women, and or women's liberation. It includes some of the sociological theories and philosophies concerned with issues of gender difference.

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Feminist Social Theory Essay - Feminist social theory ought to challenge the ideals of Classical social theory embodied by the work of authors, such Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel. Such traditional values tend to exclude women from their social analysis of the modern world, as women were considered non social agents. Feminist Theory Introduction Feminist Theory is an aspect of considering feminism as having been based on socio-phenomenon issues rather than biological or scientific. It appreciates gender inequality, analyzes the societal roles played by feminists in a bid to promote the interests, issues and rights of women in the society.

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Feminist theory is a conflict and gender inequality theory that studies patriarchy, gender and the oppression of women, there are three waves of feminism, with each one having its . Feminist theory extends feminism into the fields of philosophy and theoretical ideology. The theory of feminism encompasses the fields of sociology, economics, anthropology, and philosophy. The theory focuses on the study of gender inequality and the understanding of .