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Arranged Marriage Versus Love Marriage – Essay

❶For the arranged marriage will be happy and long, it is important to consider not only the material side, but also some other significant aspects: Another thing that is seen in arranged marriages, is that men are always more dominant than the women.

Hence, can easily predict and control the behaviour. In arranged marriages, any such advantage is missing. Most of the times, it is the newly-wed bride who has to suffer the most. And ultimately the relationship suffers. There are no sure shot rules for a successful marriage. Yet the debate about whether arrange marriage or love marriage is better than the other will last for times to come. The modern Indian society is in a state of transition. New customs are embraced by the youth readily but the age old customs and family values are still a priority in our society.

Therefore, a new genre of love cum arranged marriages has emerged, which is a perfect blend of the two worlds. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: Essay on Arrange Marriage vs. Love Marriage Marriage is an institution that is considered successful, if, it lasts lifelong. Besides popular love lore like Soni Mahiwal, India always had a long tradition of arranged marriages. Education and exposure to the media, started to make people to think and realise they need not be bound by tradition and they can choose their own marital partners without having to rely on parents, matchmakers, relatives or having to consult astrologers.

This gave rise to love marriages. Currently in our country we have arranged as well as love marriages taking place. This way they are better adjusted in the marriage when they finally take their wedding vows. Not all love marriages have happy endings. Sometimes discord arises even in love marriages. In the west girls who are fat find it difficult to find suitable dates. There is pressure on the women to conform to conventional male ideas of beauty where women have to be tall and slim with hourglass figures.

These kinds of attitudes and perspectives have not only created the kinds of conditions but are also responsible for women suffering a lot of pain and rejection. Even in arranged marriage, there r some fights and misunderstanding between the couple, but their family members will stay with them and solve their problems almost. But in Love marriages no problem if both sides parents agreed heart fully , they r lack of parents support, due to this they will be in problems ALMOST.

U know one thing, all arranged and Love married people will face the same type of problems with little variances in their running life, arranged marriages looks stable with parents and relatives support while love marriages looks unstable because they r lack of support most of the time.

Naturally the most of the Love married people punished by their parents not by the society. In fact Love marriages better and more stable than arranged marriages if both sides parents r going to agree. In India, all most all parents thinking that, they loving their kids with no bounds.

In return they almost parents now a days expecting kids life for their happiness and pride in the society. Mainly this role is playing in kids marriage time. R u thinking that, all people who had arranged marriage r happy? U go and ask them and find out, how many people r crying silently lonely to keep their parents pride in the society.

Soon or later u r going to be a father or mother, so at least u should not give such a problems to ur kids. As a parent, u try to renovate your self all the time and try to reach them and try to understand your kinds life style and their thoughts. I can understand ur feeling.. Aapko ussi se shaadi krna chahiye in any how..

Tbhi aapki life beautiful hogi…. The solution is that U should obey to or parents they will make yor life better. IT depends on uhr thinking.. Better keep uhr suggestions 2 urself or give ot 2 a person who needs it… Better u would be a counselor…. Arrange marriage is best….

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Essay on Arrange Marriage vs. Love Marriage. Marriage is an institution that is considered successful, if, it lasts lifelong. There are different customs and traditions that are followed in different societal set-ups. In Indian society, arranged marriages are known to exist since ages. The structure of the Indian society is built up in such a.

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Related Documents: Love Marriages vs Arranged Marriages Essay Essay on Arranged marriage. The process of marriage is connected with cultures, religions and communities. Marriages has many types; for example, love marriages, arranged marriage. Each type has different things that happen before and after, but they are nearly the same actions.

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My essay on love marriage and arranged marriage will describe these types of marriages. At first, I start with love marriages. The feelings between a man and a woman, who show an interest to each other, can create a real mutual love, even when the interest takes the disguised form of some benefit. Why Is Love Marriage Better Than Arranged (Essay Sample) August 4, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp.

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Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage Words | 7 Pages Argumentative Essay Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage Marriage is a relationship that bind of a spouse in formal event and registered by law as to declare a husband and wife. Argumentative Essay Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage Marriage is a relationship that bind of a spouse in formal event and registered by law as to declare a husband and wife. Marriage is key to form a family into larger as a basic unit in social system.