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Sexual assault and Awareness Month winning essay

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❶The importance of treating victims of sex abuse is to ensure that the "cycle of abuse" ceases and that they can recover from their ordeal and lead normal lives.

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They differed in seriousness and also level of sentencing. The definition of sexual intercourse was broadened to include a larger span of sexual acts. The husband and youth under 14 immunity acts were revoked, making marital rape a recognized and punishable crime.

Boney, The crimes Sexual Assault Amendment Act are the most important part of sexual assault law reform history. It improved society opinion of victims and increased confidence to report assault..

Although it did raise the number of sexual assault being reported, if failed to critically increase the number of guilty verdicts. Less than fifty percent of the defendants appearing in court are sentenced as guilty Boney, In response to a series of brutal gang rapes in Sydney in , the NEWS government introduced further changes to the Crimes act This was called the Crimes Amendment aggravated sexual assault in company Aggravated sexual assault is defined as sexual assault in circumstance of aggravation, inflicting grievous bodily hard, committing the offence while being in a group of people, kidnapping the victim or the victim being under consensual age or the victim have a serious physical or psychological disability, thus ruling out the possibility of willing consent.

NEWS Victims services Attorney general and Justice This legislation was enacted for the purpose of discouraging gangs of predominantly males of committing gang rape. Gang rape is the act of a group of sexual assault offenders committing the act of sexual assault on one or more victims one after the other. It gave Judges a set life sentence for the crime of gang rape, instead punishment as they see fit. The case below analyses the implications of a lack of a set sentence and the problems that arise The Free Dictionary — USAF and his accomplices were charged with multiple offences including aggravated indecency, perverting the course of Justice, aggravated sexual intercourse thou consent and aggravated indecent assault in company.

Multiple victims suffered at the hands of USAF and his followers, some of these accomplices being his own relations NEWS parliament library research program.

This sentence was later reduced to forty-six year after an appeal to the criminal court, to which e appealed again and was granted 26 years. The importance of this case is the legal issues that were raised which led to significant amendments.

Some of these issues are as follows HOC Legal studies topic. Due to a Jury misconduct during Safe court procedure, Safe case was retried. This caused a backlash in society due to wasted taxpayer money, based on Safe need for legal aid. He demanded a Muslim lawyer, after claiming all white lawyers were racist. This reflects a waste of society resources HOC Legal studies topic. In addition to this issue, there was the emotional instability from the victims of USAF at the thought of refining him in court.

The victim highlights the ineffectiveness and insensitivity of the legal system. The fact of a re-trial demonstrates natural Justice for the accused, but demonstrates unjust gaps for the victim HOC Legal studies topic. Due to the re-trial in the case, a victim impact statement was necessary. The psychological and physical impact on the victim caused by Safe actions was substantial.

For these reasons, a victim impact statement was introduced HOC Legal studies topic. A significant issue raised, was the matter of the original entente. This contradicts legal logic, as the sentence far outweighs the punishment for murder, which carries a sentence of twenty-five years. This encourages other sexual offenders to not only sexually assault their victims but to murder victims and dispose of incriminating evidence HOC Legal studies topic. Although in contrast to the previous point, Safe reduced sentence labels the legal system as flawed and weak.

Reports from the media have valued the continuation of Safe psychopathic behavior, in spite of receiving a life sentence. In the media obtained pictures of Safe goal cell, where he had drawn pictures of him sexually assaulting women.

This further more let down society, as they believed the sentence was too lenient, and a waste of taxpayers money HOC Legal studies topic. It gives Judges the power to condemn life sentences with no racial implications. It gave society and victims a stronger sense of satisfaction tit the fact of a set sentence for the crime.

It benefits society in the way that their resources are being wasted on accused demands for legal aid, as it is difficult to battle for a reduced sentence. It assisted to neutralist the inconsistencies in the court systems that as evidence shows in the prior case are common HOC Legal studies topic. The legislation amended the legal definition of consent, and the finite requirements needed to engage in sexual behavior with another person.

It also gave explicit examples where consent cannot be given NEWS attorney and general. The legislation redefined the statutory definition on consent and put emphasis on outlining when and when a victim may or may not have the ability to consent in sexual behaviors. The amendment stated that if a person is, heavily intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, unconscious, asleep, harassed or extorted to engage or forced from a position of power and authority, consent has legally not been given NEWS attorney and general.

The legislation has also provided a significant change in court procedure. The reforms have made it so the responsibility of proving beyond reasonable doubt in regards to consent is now the task of the defendant.

Thankfully, her mother made arrangements for her to move out and live with her Aunt Linda. She left her abusive step-dad and pathetic mother. She was gone like the wind at the age of thirteen, but the torture and agony came along with her. She left the hellhole, but remained in hell. Sexually abused children suffer from more psychological symptoms than children who have not been abused; studies have found symptoms in seventy-nine percent of sexually abused children Charlie S.

The risk of harm is greater if the abuser is a relative and if the abuse involves intercourse or attempted intercourse, or if threats or force are used. The level of harm may also be affected by various factors such as penetration, duration and frequency of abuse, and use of force.

She was trapped into a world of loneliness and hate. She ended up in bad relationships and had very low self-esteem which made her unsocial.

She also has to live with knowing that she never got justice for what her step-father did to her. She has been inflicted with lifelong scars that can be treated, but can never be completely healed. Adults with a history of sexual abuse often present for treatment with a secondary mental health issue which can include substance abuse, eating disorders, personality disorders, depression, and conflict in romantic relationships.

Generally, the approach is to the present problem, rather than the abuse itself. For instance, a person with a history of sexual abuse suffering from severe depression would be treated for depression.

These effects are not necessarily permanent, but they can feel overwhelming. Recognizing the connection between present effects and past sexual abuse is not easy. Drawing this connection can be helpful for the healing process. Many victims develop addictions or compulsive behaviors in an effort to mask their abuse-related emotions.

They often experience shame about these coping skills which have been used to numb the pain par. Teri Hatcher, actress and writer of The Dark Secret, reveals her painful story of her sexual abuse as a child in hopes to help out victims.

She was molested by her uncle when she was seven years old. Thirty years later, her uncle victimized another young girl who wrapped her head in a towel and shot herself, just leaving a suicide note that stated that her uncle molested her too.

There was no way to take him to court because the victim was dead, but Teri Hatcher knew what she had to do. She told police what happened to her thirty years prior, in hopes of giving herself and the young girl justice.

He plead guilty on all charges, and is now serving fourteen years in prison. Hatcher goes to tell other victims that,. It was not my fault. I wish you strength and love, and a journey that leads to your own realization that you are lovable, worthy and deserve good things par. Wilken, spokesperson for National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, reports that, victims need to recognize that many people are willing and able to help. Healthy connections with safe and supportive people can hep someone overcome the hurt.

They can go to a sexual assault crisis center, seek a therapist, or talk to friends and family. Friends and family can listen in a way that supports and validates their feelings, be available for them, encourage them to seek help, and let them tell the details of the abuse at their own pace.

My mother had it rough when trying to overcome her childhood. I was her first daughter, and I know from living with her, how hard it was for her to raise me, when she was never properly raised herself. She would act like a teenager instead of the mother she was. She would emotionally abuse me, without realizing what she was doing. She had so much bottled up, so much agony in her eyes; I was little, but I could tell something was wrong with her.

I began to resent her for treating me badly, making me cry. She wanted to change. She knew she needed help, and she got it. She went to a therapist for over ten years, each time giving her strength to move on.

She wrote in a journal practically every day, so she could channel her thoughts on paper instead of keeping them cooped up in her head.

She started to love herself more and more each day and taking medication for depression. She read a lot of different self-help and parenting books to help understand parenting. She began praying and writing to God every night. She starting becoming a better person, in every way. She has turned over a new leaf, and she moves forward every day.

From everything she has been through, nobody could tell that she had struggled for so long. She grew up with such a horrible mother, and then she turned out to be the complete opposite; she is a great mom. She is a prime example of how people can rise against evil and be a better person because of it.

Area of knowledge 6: Types of abuse a Emotional abuse b Physical abuse c Sexual abuse d Neglect abuse e Domestic abuse CYP is the experience of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful, which results in lasing mental and physical effects. If the right support is out in place, one can recover even from Describe four physical and four behavioural indicators of child abuse by giving examples from the case scenario.

The signs of child mistreatment are broken down into two classifications; the physical and behavioural indicators. When the child is suffering from serious injuries, mostly these injuries happen in certain patterns or occur often. These types of harm vary from strange lacerations to burns to fractures Elderly abuse takes place in their own homes, in their nursing home, on the street and even in hospitals. Awareness of elderly abuse has been heightened because of the number of elder abuse victims that have been broadcast in the news.

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A sexual assault in Canada is defined as all incidents of unwanted sexual activity, including sexual attacks and sexual touching. Victims of these acts reported feeling angry, confused, frustrated and fearful.

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Sexual assault is defined as any sexual act you are forced to engage in without your consent. a. It is often accompanied by force, physical restraint, physical violence, intimidation and verbal or physical threat/5(4).

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Sexual Assault & Rape Research Paper Starter. This essay examines a number of reasons why women fail to report an assault to formal support agencies and examines some of the ways in which. Free Essay: According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies () sexual assault remains one of the most unreported crimes and still remains one of.

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