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The Merchant of Venice Essay | Essay

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❶In addition to their anti-Semitic ways they also had a strong dislike of moneylenders, and the audience would have had a certain loathing for the character Shylock, which would no longer occur at present times.

Is Shylock a Villain or Victim?

Was Shylock A Victim Or A Villain Essay Sample
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Money certainly cant buy happiness, and Shylock realises he is a lonely man, and there is nothing he can do to change that. From knowing this you have to feel that Shylock is very much a victim, and he is not going to be able to reach back up to the top again. You can tell from this quote that Shylock is going to be a very lonely man, and that he cares about his money more than his own daughter.

Hearing this, it totally changes the way in which people see Shylock, from being a very lonely man, and being a victim to a quite an evil man. Even though his daughter has run away from him, and stolen from him, he could still forgive her and still have the relationship as before, even if it is against his religion, he would be able to do it for his daughter, but Shylock would rather have his money and his jewels back, than have his daughter.

Now he appears not to care about his daughter at all, but he has his pride. When Shylock enters the courtroom, you can tell that no one is on his side, and he has no friends, as even the Duke does not call him by his real name. You may however feel that Portia was not teasing with Shylock, and that she could just not find a way around the bond. Now that Shylock thinks he is going to get what he wants he now starts praising Portia.

When Portia decides to tell everyone her way in which Antonio can escape his death, and leave Shylock with nothing, things start to go terribly wrong for Shylock.

This means that Shylock has attempted to kill Antonio, which Shylock could now be hanged, and will lose all his possessions. Gratiano starts being really nasty to Shylock. Now Shylock has lost everything and even his own religion, also he has to give all his possessions to Lorenzo and his daughter, who ran away from him, and left him on his own. His hatred is targeted again, because he is a Jew and for no other reason. Act 2 Scene 4 makes Shylock look both a victim and a villain. Because this is the part Jessica is planning to run away from her father, it naturally makes him look a victim.

She plans to take a lot of gold and jewels from her father and cause him great pain. This in my opinion is very harsh towards Shylock; after all, she could just have gone without taking anything with her.

In Act 2 Scene 3, where we hear that she is going to elope from her father, we think this is purely because she loves Lorenzo, but she personally insults him by taking his jewels. This might suggest that he has been quite a bad father to her for Jessica to want to insult him. This makes him look a villain slightly. Also in my opinion, what Lorenzo says at the end of the scene makes him look a villain. This shows that he has been a sinner, and a villain.

I believe Shylock looks a villain in Act 2 Scene 5. This makes him look a villain as; he spends more time with his money, than with his daughter. However, in Act 2 Scene 8, I think Shylock is made to look more like a victim. Solanio and Salerio, in my opinion, represent the general Christian point of view, which is complete hatred.

I personally, sympathise with Shylock in this part of the story, because it would be devastating to lose your daughter. His worry about material wealth makes me sympathise less with him. Solanio and Salerio taunt Shylock in Act 3 Scene 1 to make him feel worse than he is already.

This scene makes him look the victim in my view. In this scene is a famous speech, lines , by Shylock that portrays him as a mixed character, both a victim and a villain. Shylock uses argument straight out of the Christian church. Shylock uses the Christians arguments against them. The rest of the speech tries to make the Christians feel guilty, and I think it makes him look the victim again.

I am a Jew. I believe this is a very clever way to try to get the people on his side. I think that the use of prose in this speech makes Shylock appear more human than usual, which may also make the reader think that he is a victim in all of this. If he felt happy and dominant over Salerio and Solanio, he might have used iambic pentameters.

Firstly, Shylock is extremely vengeful. When Salerio asks Shylock what good would Antonio's flesh do Shylock if Antonio forfeits the bond, he replies, "If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.

He hath disgraced me, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation," The quote clearly portrays Shylock remembering every single thing that Antonio has done to him. He calculates what Antonio has done to him and tries to revenge the wrongs done to him by murdering Antonio. Next, Shylock is very materialistic.

When Tubal brings news of Jessica to Shylock, Shylock says "Two thousand ducats in that, and other precious, precious jewels! I would my daughter dead at my foot, with the jewels in her ear! Thirdly, Shylock is shrewd. When discussing the forfeiture of the bond, Shylock says "let the forfeiture be nominated for an equal pound of your fair flesh, to be cut off and taken in what part of the body pleaseth me.

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The themes of the play are revenge, mercy, and justice. Shylock, with Antonio is the major character in the play, at times referred to as a villain and sometimes a victim. The dictionary defines a villain as "a cruelly malicious person" and a victim as "a person who is deceived or cheated".

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Shylock villain or victim In the play, The Merchant Of Venice, whether Shylock is the villain or victim is controversial. Shylock is not the most perfect person in the world, and .

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Is Shylock Victim Or Villain in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Words | 4 Pages Shylock is trying to say that we are all the same as one another, but just have different religions. Antonio has gone bankrupt, as all his wealth was invested in his ships, which have been sunk out at sea. Get an answer for 'Would you say Shylock is a victim or a villain?' and find homework help for other The Merchant of Venice questions at eNotes.

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Was Shylock A Victim Or A Villain Essay Sample. The late sixteenth century play “˜The Merchant of Venice’, one of Shakespeare’s more popular comedies, is one that is portraying various peoples lives throughout Venice and Belmont. I hope to discover whether Shylock is a Victim or a Villain. The bond is a contract between Antonio and Shylock stating that if Antonio does not return 3, ducats, which he has borrowed, to Shylock in three months as agreed then, ‘Let the forfeit be nominated for an equal pound of [Antonio’s] fair flesh, to be cut off and taken in what.