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Abraham Lincoln

5-Paragraph Essay on Abraham Lincoln

❶Lincoln thought that if slavery was not allowed to spread, it would eventually die.

Brief History of the Lincoln Papers

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Kids can have a go at this Abraham Lincoln colouring page based on a famous portrait of this President of the United States. Here's another colouring page of Abraham Lincoln, taken from a print.

This one may be useful for cutting and sticking in projects? Here's a fun colouring page of Abraham Lincoln aimed at a younger age group. Simple lines make it a good one for cutting out, too. Our fourth colouring page of Abraham Lincoln is our most detailed, and perfect for older children. Designed to fit and be used with our Abraham Lincoln Printable Mask, you might also find this stately top hat useful for your displays.

Print onto card, cut out and stick to the top of the mask. We have two notebooking pages for Abraham Lincoln to choose from, in our standard Activity Village design. His impact on America helped to abolish slavery and brought the Union back together. He was a man of many faces, and his character exceeds the photographs seen today.

His contributions to the American society will never be forgotten. Lincoln was born on February 12, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. Thomas was hard working and enjoyed swapping stories, while his mother Nancy was quiet and literate.

She died, however in due to poisonous milk. His parents were great influences, and greatly shaped the 16th president of the United States. Although he showed a compassion for school, he only attended for 9 months, but taught himself arithmetic and grammar. These younger years helped shape Abe Lincoln and create the character of an honest president. When Lincoln reached 21 he moved to Illinois, where he was hired to build a flatbed boat and transport materials down the Mississippi river.

Next he landed a job working at a general store, and it was noted that he was very sociable. Lincoln soon became interested in town affairs and attended meetings regularly.

After being asked to do commentary on cases he decided to run for state legislature. The Black Hawk War, however, prevented him from attaining that goal. He gained public interest, which would help in future campaigns. The general store he now owned went bankrupt, and Abe assumed the debt after the death of his partner William Berry.

Deciding to be a lawyer, Lincoln took partnership with Stewart. On September 9, he received his license to practice law. He ran again and was elected into the state legislature on August 14th. He actively became part of the forming Whig Party, and was involved with The Log Nine, who wanted to relocate the capital from Vandalia to Springfield.

Gaining more public support, he ran for state legislature in the election of against Stephen S Douglas. Little did either know they would become life-long rivalries. He beat Douglas, and during his session worked to improve railroads and canals in Illinois, while supporting the state bank. In the election of we saw the first Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Although Lincoln admitted his defeat, numerous people saw to it a draw. Lincoln closed the business with Stewart and opened another with Stephen T.

All of the documents contained in Series are reproduced online, as are the original materials contained in Series 4. Although collection items in the online presentation are described at the item level, they may be accessed in groups at the Series level. Individual document headings and available transcriptions can be searched by keyword. Nicolay is available in this series. Nicolay, which remained with the Nicolay Papers received by the Library in until August , when the letters were removed and reincorporated with the Lincoln Papers.

Series 3, Miscellaneous, Includes single or small numbers of manuscripts which have been acquired by the Library of Congress from a variety of sources. Series 4, Addenda, The addenda to the Abraham Lincoln Papers consists mostly of reproductions of government and military documents made from originals in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, Reproductions of documents held by the National Archives are not represented on this online collection, nor are published materials.

Original items contained in Series 4 are included in this online collection and include letters written by Abraham Lincoln, an autobiographical sketch written in at the request of Jesse W. Fell, mourning cards, political ephemera, a pen purportedly used by Abraham Lincoln, and papers omitted as not being integral to the collection when it was microfilmed and indexed in Oversize, Includes original correspondence and facsimile reproductions, certificates, pardons, a petition, a poem, pen, and printed matter.

Images of all oversize materials in Series and original materials in Series 4 are included in the online presentation and appear with the series from which they were withdrawn when rehoused as part of an oversize series. Oversize facsimiles and reproductions were not included in the online presentation.

Transcriptions are included for about 10, items about half of the online collection. Transcriptions are provided for all of the documents in Lincoln's own hand and for secretarial copies of Lincoln documents located in Series of the Lincoln Papers. Many of the transcriptions have been annotated to aid users in identifying the people involved and in better understanding the content and historical contexts.

Annotations for Lincoln's autograph documents usually include a headnote providing historical and documentary context, as well as annotations on the content of the document. Annotations for incoming correspondence typically identify persons and organizations writing to Lincoln or referred to in the documents, explain terms and events, and provide brief historical context.

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