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Another distinctive element of O'Connor's style is her penchant for assuming a character's point of view in the narrative while at the same time retaining the omniscient third-person. This technique, Galloway perceives as having the effect as "more of a mirror than an advocate" for the character. Thus, O'Connor's narratives hold their objectivity and impartiality, but at the same time, they provide insight into what goes through the minds of the characters.

Shiflet are devious and unconscionable, yet he is not as insensitive as a reader would expect because O'Connor's narrative juxtaposes his actions with his inner thoughts of feeling "depressed" after he cruelly abandons Lucynell and "oppressed" when he pickup a boy in overalls who "thumbs a ride. O'Connor's use of character names for her Christian themes and for ironic use are also noticeable in her fiction.

One very obvious name for the opportunity of redemption is that of Mary Grace in "Revelation," while Joy Hopewell for the embittered young woman with the wooden leg who believes in "the Nothing" is certainly ironic as well as paradoxical. Some names reveal true character, such as "Mr. The fact that the names are most usually a mockery of the characters adds to the cryptic Christianity that characterizes O'Connor's work. O'Connor's use of grotesque characters to develop her Christian themes is certainly distinctive.

And, the literally displaced is the Polish immigrant Guizac whose foreignness makes him a freak to the rural types in the story "The Displaced Person. Certainly not subtle is O'Connor's use of the peacock, whose feathers contain "the eye of God. The grandmother ludicrously pretends she doesn't comprehend that Misfit killed her entire family and was undoubtedly intending to kill her. She acts defensively and cowardly trying to awaken some long lost sense of humanity in theMisfit. She has demonstrated her grossly self absorbed and shallow character from the start and suddenly trying to appear maternal something she didn't even pretend with her own family in a pathetic attempt to save her own life leaves the astute reader silently hoping for her quick demise.

Her death was the only one that seemed satisfying, even deserving. What are the characteristics of the writing style of O'Connor, especially those which separate her from other authors?

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Your order ID or. Your customer ID or. Anything you want us to know before the call? Close Give me a call. Instead, use the introduction to highlight which aspects of the grotesque you will be emphasizing in your paper. You might also try to use some historical research to clarify what it is you mean by the grotesque. For example, doctors have recently succeeded in giving face transplants to badly injured people. In what way is Frankenstein's grotesque appearance different from those of victims of fire or dog attacks who received these transplants?

Could you consider how the difference between horror and pity might inform our definition of the grotesque, and use that in your first paragraph to set up your specific arguments about the films. This essay topic is about describing the groteque in the film Frankenstein Expert Answers shake99 Certified Educator. Topic sentences help, not whole essay, Start Free Trial to Unlock.


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Homework Help > Essay Lab How do I give a vague introduction to the grotesque without giving away information needed to be used later in my essay?This essay topic is about describing the groteque. Superior College Homework Help Online You started looking for a real college literature lesson homework help online because of some extraordinary sophisticated assignment that is due soon and you have no clue about a way to approach to its completion.