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McDonald’s – Marketing research done right!

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❶David Newberry , Marketing Undressed , First edn, vol.

Its research and development for the trailing twelve months TTM ended in Jun. All numbers are in their local exchange's currency. If competitive advantage is created by a patent or tech advantage, at some point it will disappear. Under no circumstances does any information posted on GuruFocus.

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The gurus listed in this website are not affiliated with GuruFocus. Stock quotes provided by InterActive Data. McDonalds also lacks variation in seasonal products that they offer. Another weakness, which has actually stemmed from McDonalds large size, is a lack of personal touch or connections. McDonalds has a very high turnover rate which in the end elevates the cost of training staff. There are also concerns that franchised operations negatively affect the food quality.

McDonalds has also had a lack of innovation. McDonalds has failed to make their food healthier. While minimal efforts have been made, McDonalds still cannot compete with subway or other more natural and fresh fast food options. The opportunities for McDonalds are pretty standard.

There is a demand for more organic food options as well as improvement in the quality of current menu options. There is room to introduce more beverage options for the McCafe drink menu. They could also become the first in quick services restaurants to provide optional allergen free food items, such as gluten free and peanut free choices. There is an opportunity to adapt to the needs of the individual societies it serves and adopt an innovative product line.

There is also an opportunity to expand business to newly developing parts of the world along with the possibility of opening more joint ventures with different retailers. Right now McDonalds has an industrial feel with Formica restaurant setting there is an opportunity to provide more upscale restaurant settings, like the one they have in New York City on Broadway, to appeal to a more upscale target market. McDonalds is going to be susceptible to those threats that impact most all businesses.

There is always a threat in weather which could impact shipments, crops produced or even ability to operate stores. In the food industry, contamination is always a fear. McDonalds is especially prone to the negative effects of meat contamination scares such as e-coli. A major threat that is hitting the McDonalds brand especially hard is the raising trend of eating healthy and having a balanced meal including five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

McDonalds is a strong company that has been around a long time and is ingrained into the memories of many people. They have indisputably strong brand recognition and loyalty. However, it may be time for McDonalds to undergo a makeover, especially in the areas of quality and their link to health concerns. McDonalds has the ability to do good things for the world if they exchange some of their money saving ways more socially responsible practices.

McDonalds believe that good customer service is the responsibility of everybody in the company. McDonalds provide high quality products, such as burgers, fries, drinks, muffins, etc, which are safe and reliable that it does what it is supposed to do, but not only does the quality of the products matter, the good value for money affects the business. They ensure that a high standard of the product is carried out at all times and they try to compete very competitively with other fast food businesses with their good value for money.

Also a customer would know if the product is good value for money by checking in another food outlet like KFC for their services and products. McDonalds also play a role especially into the goods being safe to use and being very reliable with provided instructions.

The products of McDonalds are safely packaged when it is required for the product, in order the customer does not have any problems or and negative feedbacks to McDonalds. However, not only the high quality standards of food affects the business, the staff who are presently providing the service are entitled to establishes him or her self with their tone the sound of the voice , manner the level of maturity , language and body language well enough to satisfy the customer and to make them appreciated of feeling more welcomed and values them as a proper customer.

All premises in McDonalds are cared for very much and are cleaned before opening times and after closing times. These are well sign posted with safety signs so to ensure the customer does not endanger him or her self in any way.

Also these premises are quite spacious which customers can easily work through for their own needs. Some McDonalds have two floors but the one I visited on Broad St has one floor, but it is quite spread out which contains tables and chairs on the side of the walls, so the customer can easily walk through.

McDonalds do not deliver their goods as it is not recommended as a customer service in the business, but if a customer were to have a disability, their goods would have been delivered by a member of staff on their own free will. Minor complaints are solved by staff on duty that apologise for the problem, provide the help or assistance required to check the customer is satisfied.

If the problem is more serious, then it is referred to the manager immediately, so the problem is solved efficiently.

Payment McDonalds do accept cash and cheques as a payment method but they do not take credit cards although there are ATM machines available outside most stores so the money can be obtained from the credit card easily.

Communicating with customers Customers intend to communicate with staff about a whole lot of issues relating to goods and services on offer, such as pricing, availability, contracts and after-sales service.

Customers with different disabilities will have different needs. In addition to the telephone and text can benefit a range of customers. There are ranges of systems to enhance communication for people with hearing impairments. Some are relatively simple, such as induction loops, which is used at the counters. In situations where it is not reasonable to install an induction loop or other type of voice enhancement system, staffs communicates in other ways, such as exchanging written notes with customers with hearing impairments.

Also the grammar and punctuation is very important because sometimes it may mislead the person. Staffs are encouraged to look straight at customers and not cover the mouth when they are speaking to them. Allowing extra time, and repeating back to the customer to check accuracy and understanding, can benefit customers with learning difficulties and with speech impairments.

When the customer is in need of help staff would communicate to guide them through the food outlet but the customer may not be able to speak good English which the staff may intend to speak the language like urdu, so this is a form of verbal communication in another language.

Currently governments of certain groups in United States and Europe are tending to control the business of fast food because of health reasons Governments are also applying restriction for issuing license for franchises. There should be good relationships with government in giving tax and employments in international markets.

McDonald is also pressurized by china because they are disrupting the culture. In international markets the economies of the country also affect the sales of the products because if the economy is not stable and people of the country have not much income it will effect the business. In developing countries the lifestyle of people changing very fast like Malaysia because of their developing economy more people of the country are financially able to eat fast food. In Middle East countries urban young generation wants new technology in their lives like wireless internet, credit card payment and other attractions like music.

Advertisement is the most powerful toll of McDonalds to create a demand of its products and especially McDonalds works hard to create the demand of its product in the minds of young generation. Recently McDonalds implemented new technology to increase the speed of proceeding of its products such as a Big Mac takes 60 seconds to process in three stages.

McDonalds cares its reputation in fast food market they follow 20 working hours for student employees in UK as according to the rule in UK and also internationally they respect all the polices which are applied for fast food chains. Human resource management plays an important role in the success of a company. Most of the companies are very keen to pay attention towards their employees.

The most important part of human resource management is Training and Development. It plays a key role in every organisation though few people disagree about the importance of training and development in the success of organisation.

Appointing the right person at right time at right place needs more care and attention on the part of personal manager. A clear set of goals and well defined path should be needed for good training. Training changes attitudes, knowledge and skills of employees and also the way they work. It is reflection of the fact that companies are keen about training and development to gain competitive advantages. Most of the companies clearly understand that if workers are smarter and better trained they can achieve their goals easily.

In any organisation the central factor of Training and development is the human resources or the human capital. Human capital is viewed as the driving the force for the success of the organisation because of their skills, competencies, knowledge and experience.

OriginsIn , year-old Ray Kroc lied about his age to join the Red Cross as an ambulance driver, but the war ended before his training finished. He then worked as a piano player, a paper cup salesman and a multi-mixer salesman. In he was surprised by a huge order for 8 multi-mixers from a restaurant in San Bernardino, California. There he found a small but successful restaurant run by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, and was stunned by the effectiveness of their operation.

They produced a limited menu, concentrating on just a few items—burgers, fries and beverages—which allowed them to focus on quality at every step. Unique PhilosophyRay Kroc wanted to build a restaurant system that would be famous for food of consistently high quality and uniform methods of preparation. He wanted to serve burgers, buns, fries and beverages that tasted just the same in Alaska as they did in Alabama. To achieve this, he chose a unique path: The stool was only as strong as the 3 legs.

Rewarding InnovationRay Kroc believed in the entrepreneurial spirit, and rewarded his franchisees for individual creativity. These supplier relationships have flourished over the decades: What purpose does it serve? In fact, a lot of our most successful Managers started their careers as Crew members.

You can do it too, and the best part is you get to earn while you learn! And the good news is that the training you get as a Crew Member will help you in all areas of your life, not to mention your impressing future employers, whatever long term career you have in mind. This report reviews the current methods on evaluating training programs by BreadTalk, with an aim of improving its evaluation methods.

Through a search of literature and an analysis of current methods, the report summarises the latest thinking on evaluating training programs and provides insights on how BreadTalk can improve the quality and management of its evaluations.

There are three key objectives of the report: The review found that the reigning framework for evaluating training programs — and the subsequent models, methods and approaches — is one outlined more than forty years ago by Donald Kirkpatrick.

His framework evaluates training programs in terms of four levels — reaction, learning, behavior, and results. Other models analysed include the CIRO model and a few others. Critiques of the models are also mentioned. The increasing level of saturation in most of the major markets around the world and the struggle over autonomy between corporate and the franchises must be addressed with extreme urgency and by allocating the resources necessary.

As mentioned earlier, competition in the fast food industry is becoming incredibly saturated. This was primarily because there was an absence of major competitors overseas. However, over the last decade, the international market is beginning to mirror that of the heavily saturated United States market. Profits are shrinking, same store sales are down, and the overall market growth has slowed tremendously. As a result there is a constant battle over autonomy.

The franchises, especially the experienced outlets with over a decade of success, want more autonomy to adapt to local tastes and preferences.

The franchises feel that as the market becomes more competitive, it will be vital for alterations and adaptations to occur faster and easier than they ever have in the past. Corporate feels that control must be at an all time high because of the importance of the international division and the fact that if it fails, the whole company could suffer as a result. Corporate has tightened the reigns consistently the last few years and will continue to do so to stay afloat by turning the losses into gains.

The last two decades have seen many inventions that are really path breaking and changed our lifestyles in more than one or another way. This is possible only because of the changes and innovation in the organization. Companies across a range of industries are confronting fundamental change. The advent of 3G technology poses life-and-death challenges for operators of mobile phone networks. The development of digital photography does the same for makers of cameras and roll film.

The Internet continues to ask testing questions of retailers and financial services firms, while low-cost airlines threaten the survival of established carriers. Change today is prevalent in every sector in the world. Today change is happening at an ever faster rate majorly because of the increase in globalization and technological changes that are taking place.

Today, all the organization are trying to work on the changing pace of technology, technological changes have not only affected the organizations but also the lives of individuals as they have a global reach, the medium of information that is available today has increased considerable.

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