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Nursing ethics Essay

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Even more, we likewise guarantee to provide you the fastest and the most trustworthy online writing service. The results can arise in a multitude of forms. Not only is the nurse's actions unethical, they are illegal.

L awmakers create legislation guiding nurses on treating patients. Most of those laws prevent nurses from using alcohol and illegal substances while treating patients. Some laws even prevent nurses from taking prescriptions while administering care. A nurse who is jeopardizing patient health because of substance abuse is in full violation of my personal code of ethics.

Substance abuse is a health concern in and of itself, and it seems foolish for a nurse to be committing fully to helping others when they are in need of help themselves. The nurse in question clearly is not giving her full attention to patients during her shifts. She is unresponsive and takes breaks during times when she is supposed to be committed to her specific group of patients. In the situation where the patient reported pain, the nurse failed to intervene before pain increased "Pain management policy," Again the end result is that patient care suffers.

An impaired person affects the entirety of the staff, not just themselves. The failure to properly delegate tasks can cause issues for the other nurses and students, magnifying the problems of substance abuse in the workplace.

In the described examples the nurse is not giving proper consideration and attention to the patient, and that alone breaks ethical codes. Ethical problems arise often nurses who care for patients. The analysis of these problems must be thorough and as objective as is humanly possible. It appears that the nurse in question is a substance abuser, and that patient care is suffering because of said abuse.

In this case, the nurse is breaking a variety of ethical codes both from an academic and personal standpoint. She must improve her patient treatment, in addition to stopping the substance usage. Nonetheless, it is vital to remember that humans make mistakes and to not jump to conclusions on any particular case. Ultius Blog, 28 Feb. Click here for more help with MLA citations. I observed how the nurses were kind and caring whenever any of my family members fell ill.

I usually became compassionate since their agony could not be alleviated. I am happy to join nursing and cannot regret about of my decision. Nursing is more of a calling than just a mere career. The validation of this paper is to highlight the life experiences and desirable traits of a nurse. There are both good and worse experiences in nursing profession; however, they never scared me away from this profession.

I am gradually learning and developing as an individual and become more enthusiastic about nursing profession every day. The satisfaction I accrue everyday is overwhelming, since it feels great to help others in their time of need. The experiences I got when I saw my family members fall ill made me acknowledge that I wanted to be part of the nursing profession and that I had capacity to fit in nursing profession. I learnt a lot of things from the nurses who attended my mother when she was ill Bluni, The nurses attended my mother on a daily basis and honestly cared about her situation.

The nurses were capable to communicate with other patients, doctors and the other workers effectively. Stellar nurses are able to follow instructions with minimum supervision and easiness in communicating with families and patients. A good nurse should be an advocate for their patients and predict their needs. Successful communication ability in nursing profession builds up high level of satisfaction while putting off medical misfortunes.

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