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He eventually discovers that she is still alive, and will be in Agloe, NY on May Of course, Quentin discovers this on May 28, so he and his friends skip their high school graduation to race at breakneck speed to Agloe, a "paper town" that doesn't exist on any map. It was created by mapmakers as a plagiarism detection tool. Someone built a general store in the general vicinity of Agloe, and Margo Roth Spiegelman has been living there.

When Quentin finds her, she tells him that she never wanted to be found, and she doesn't want to go home. She's going to find a new home and try to figure out who she really is. Quentin realizes that he's idolized and been in L-U-V with a girl he doesn't really know—and now that he does know her, he has to let her go. Intro Summary Prologue Part 1: A dead body is decomposing… Oh, gross. Quentin is excited that he and Margo are friends again… but she never comes back to school.

Dun dun dun… Quentin believes that Margo Roth Spiegelman has run away from home, and is leaving him clues to her whereabouts. You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds They have 24 hours to get to her and the drive will take approximately 21 hours. They experience many bumps in the road, including a near death experience.

Finally they arrive in Agloe, and discover Margo in yet another abandoned building. Yet she is not the same person they all thought the knew. When they finally find Margo, she is furious that they have come to find her. And they are upset that she is not the Margo the knew before she disappeared.

Now, they are all graduated and adults and they can take whatever direction they choose in life. The novel ends with Margo and Q kissing, but not to the satisfaction of readers, both characters realize that their relationship will never be anything more than friends.

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Rising Action Through all the stress of graduation and final exams, Q and his friends start to gather clues they believe Margo has left for them. Falling Action Q, Ben, Radar and Lacey all decide to skip their high school graduation to take a 19 hour road trip to find Margo in Agloe.

Resolution When they finally find Margo, she is furious that they have come to find her. March 20, at 2: April 13, at 5: April 16, at

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A short summary of John Green's Paper Towns. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Paper Towns.

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With his friends, Ben and Radar, Quentin investigates a paper trail (a Paper Towns paper trail) left by Margo, including her highlighted copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, that leads them to an abandoned mini-mall. When the trail goes cold, Quentin worries .

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Paper Towns Summary Buy Study Guide Paper Towns starts with nine-year-olds Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman discover the corpse of Robert Joyner, a soon to be divorced man who committed suicide in the Jefferson Park. Complete summary of John Green's Paper Towns. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Paper Towns.

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This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Paper Towns by John Green (author). Paper Towns is the story of a boy named Quentin Jacobsen and the adventure he is drawn into by his childhood friend and secret love Margo Roth Spiegelman. Paper Towns debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list and won the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery. It is taught in many high school and college curricular, often in conjunction with Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, which is an important text within the novel.