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Sample Research Paper on Management and Financial Accounting


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A conceptual model December Management accounting and the paradox of embedded agency: A framework for analyzing sources of structural change March Management accounting goes digital: Will the move make it wiser? The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector: Effects on performance June Is performance measurement and management fit for the future? An examination of the relationship between the extent of a flexible culture and the levers of control system: The key role of beliefs control December The theory and practice of performance measurement June Employee participation, performance metrics, and job performance: A survey study based on self-determination theory September Identity conflict and the paradox of embedded agency in the management accounting profession: Adding a new piece to the theoretical jigsaw March Management control systems across different modes of innovation: Implications for firm performance September Examining the joint effects of strategic priorities, use of management control systems, and personal background on hospital performance March Adoption of management accounting innovations: Organizational culture compatibility and perceived outcomes March Budgeting practices and performance in small healthcare businesses March The use of management control systems to manage CSR strategy: A levers of control perspective December Configuring management control systems: For example, academic accounting research [6] "can improve the understanding of how stakeholders actually use the information accountants provide", and prior academic studies have contributed to fraud risk assessment , the future direction of the profession, and the impact of changing accounting standards.

Several publications, including the recent accounting literature, have suggested a divide or gap between the academic and professional communities in accounting. The divide between accounting academia and practice was originally centered on whether a broader education or just technical training was the best way to educate accountants. From the s, accounting academia and practice grew further divided due to the accounting academic community adopting requirements from social science academia, while practicing accountants "maintained an emphasis on professional qualifications and technical skills".

Aside from accounting academia and practice valuing different skills and requirements, a variety of factors have been proposed for the divide. One view is that a lack of training in reading academic research may lead practicing accountants "to dismiss what could be very helpful information as either too complicated or too disconnected to be useful"; [3] while another view points to fundamental failures in academic research in business and economics in general—for example that researchers have failed to effectively question prevailing economic and business models.

Academic accounting research covers a wide range of related topics that can be classified into several areas, including financial accounting , management accounting , auditing , taxation , [2] [8] governance , [2] and accounting information systems AIS [8] research:. Academic accounting research can be classified by methodology into archival, experimental, and analytical studies:.

This classification is not exhaustive—other possible methodologies include the use of case studies , computer simulations and field research.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Accounting research Research areas. Accounting information systems Auditing Financial accounting Governance Management accounting Tax accounting. Convergence of accounting standards Earnings management Earnings quality Earnings surprise Positive accounting Post-earnings announcement drift Voluntary disclosure. Oler, and Christopher J. A Guide for Students. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Worlds Together or Worlds Apart?

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Journal of Management Accounting Research contributes to improving the theory and practice of management accounting by promoting high-quality applied and theoretical research. Papers relate to internal reporting and decision making, the interface between internal and external reporting, profit and not-for-profit organizations, service and. Management Accounting Research was founded in and in April we organised a conference to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.