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Reciprocal determinism

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❶Self-efficacy is a conceptualized assessment of the person's competence to perform a specific task. They may just be a part of normal behavior.


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Reciprocal determinism is the theory set forth by psychologist Albert Bandura that a person's behavior both influences and is influenced by personal factors and the social environment. Bandura accepts the possibility of an individual's behavior being conditioned through the use of consequences.

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Reciprocal Determinism Bandura's explanation of how the factors of environment, personal characteristics, and behavior can interact to .

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According to psychologist Albert Bandura, reciprocal determinism is a model composed of three factors that influence behavior: the environment, the individual, and the behavior territorios-luchas.tking to this theory, an individual's behavior influences and is influenced by both the social world and personal characteristics. This lesson provides a definition of the psychological theory or reciprocal determinism, developed by Albert Bandura, and provides examples of how.

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Aug 13,  · Reciprocal determinism is a key term developed by Albert Bandura, best known for his psychological work in the area of social cognitive theory. The term refers to a model Bandura posits that demonstrates individual interaction environment. Reciprocal determinism refers to: adopting a relationship outlook If content is the language of linear causality, then _____________is the language of circular causality.