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How to create a title page for your dissertation

Steps in choosing your dissertation topic

❶This is a problem even amongst academics, but it is easily addressed.


Creating a dissertation title page in Word
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You can put an illustration or picture on the title page since your dissertation or thesis must, of course, also look good. Table of contents Creating a dissertation title page in Word Illustration or photo on your dissertation title page Checklist: Title page Information page.

It is very easy to create a title page in Word. You can do this using one of the examples that Word has already made for you.

A good illustration really makes your dissertation come to life. You can use stock photos for this. These are high-resolution photos that look very professional. You can download high-quality stock photos for free on the following websites:. With abstract topics it is often difficult to find a suitable image. In this case, you could add a tag cloud to your title page.

Name the type of document: Illustration of the topic of your dissertation. Make sure the illustration is of a high quality. Note here the date that you are going to send the document to the university for final review. First initials and last name of the author: Do you have an official title?

It is customary not to write out your first name. You can also add the initials of any baptismal or additional names. Function, title, initials and last name of supervisor: Does the supervisor have an official title?

Just as with the supervisor, here you state the function, initials and last name of the second reader. Your title page should be perfect now! Use the other checklist to further improve your thesis. Academic language, structure and layout have a big impact on your grade for your thesis, essay or paper? Language mistakes can diminish the credibility of all your hard work. How do you perform desk research? Select a minor detail or characteristic within your research discipline.

Can you explain your topic in a few words? Show your shortlist to your classmates. If they are enthusiastic about a topic, then you know that you have a good one. From the three topics, select the one that you have the best feeling about. Learn more about this book. If you are going to write a research paper or dissertation for a company, you must ensure that your colleagues and advisor within the company support your choice of topic.

It is important that the topic is relevant to the company; in this way, you are sure that you can ask for assistance within the company when you need it. Have a thesis expert improve your writing. Check your thesis for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Generate your APA citations for free! Home Knowledge Base Dissertation roadmap Choosing a topic for your dissertation in 8 steps.

Choosing a topic for your dissertation in 8 steps Date published September 8, by Bas Swaen. This book will help you: Developing the writing skills needed to succeed at every stage of postgraduate research. Writing clearly and coherently.

Understanding topics such as exploring key concepts through writing, building a structured chapter framework and completing a first draft. Structure action plan for writing a dissertation. Is this article helpful? Bas Swaen Bas is co-founder of Scribbr.

Dissertation titles

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Dissertation titles The dissertation title is your first opportunity to let the reader know what your dissertation is about. With just a few words, the title has to highlight the purpose of the study, which can often include its context, outcomes, and important aspects of the research strategy adopted.

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Dissertation Titles. We have published a variety of titles covering many subject areas to help and inspire you in the creation of your own dissertation.

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Dissertation Titles: Do’s and Do Not’s 1. Do not use a complete sentence as a title. No periods. 2. Do make certain that the title makes complete sense. 3. Do not use abbreviations. 4. Do not put forth the research question itself as the main title. 5. Do not make the main title and the sub title the same. 6. EXPECTATIONS What readers expect from a dissertation title. There are a number of broad rules to think about when constructing your title. Titles should be (a) descriptive and explanatory, not general, (b) precise, and (c) internally consistent. In addition, titles should avoid using (a) abbreviations, acronyms and initials, or (b) a teasing or cute style.

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Oct 04,  · The title page is the front page of your dissertation and here you state the title, your name and the names of your supervisors. You can put an illustration or picture on the title page since your dissertation or thesis /5(32). A dissertation title does not need to be a totally new, groundbreaking, re-write the textbooks revelation. Studying an old subject in a new way, from a different perspective, can be a new contribution. The chosen titles for dissertation must be appropriate to your degree.; Be sure your chosen dissertation title addresses a real problem or question.