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Traffic Jam Paragraph

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❶Such types of level crossing create intolerable congestion at Magbazar, Mohakhali, Staff road, Karwan Bazar and other places. The highway bus, truck enter and travel the city between 11pm to 6am.

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This would mean that they would begin to make use of public transport instead, thus reducing traffic problems and pollution as well. Another benefit would be that much more use would be made of public transport if it was improved. It is often the case that public transport in cities is very poor. For example, we often see old buses and trains that people would rather not use. High taxes would generate enough money to make the necessary changes. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to such a solution.

First and foremost, this would be a heavy burden on the car drivers. At present, taxes are already high for a lot of people, and so further taxes would only mean less money at the end of the month for most people who may have no choice but to drive every day. In addition, this type of tax would likely be set at a fixed amount. This would mean that it would hit those with less money harder, whilst the rich could likely afford it. It is therefore not a fair tax. To conclude, this solution is worth considering to improve the current situation, but there are advantages and disadvantages of introducing such a policy.

The topic is clearly stated in the general statement of the introduction, and the thesis tells the reader that advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. It is organized well, with the advantages of such a solution in the first body paragraph and the disadvantages in the next. The drivers want to drive their vehicles in their sweet will. Illegal parking of vehicles is also responsible for traffic jam.

It causes untold sufferings to the movement of the vehicles and the passers-by. It kills our valuable time and our works are hampered. This problem can be solved by adopting some effective measures. Traffic rules should be constructed. Public awareness is also needed in this respect. Ami osusto bosebose poste pascilam na.

Tai leper nica suye online pragraph porci. Majar problem in city and we are creating such kind of jams. So plz learn traffic rules and thanks. Kazi Sumon Ahmad August 30, M mita January 10, Aayushh Dutta January 12, Although there is rule to set up refueling stations having vacant spaces to accommodate thirty vehicles to wait inside the compound, it has been overlooked.

A lot of the plush shopping malls in the city have resulting illegal road occupation by vehicles. The fines for traffic violations are too meager to raise fear to the violators. The following remedial measures can be adopted for eliminating the traffic congestion problem in Dhaka city.

Here three types of remedial is discussed — Short term suggestions. All offices should start at 7. Water transport should be established like other developed countries surrounding Dhaka city. From now, from today we should not take more than one child. Pedestrian facilities should be increase. Cycle path should be provide. Through lane system different sort of vehicle will run in different lane.

If any driver breaks the rule he has to face some legal consequences like jail and financial penalty. The government has divided Dhaka into seven zones with shops and businesses in each to observe a different weekly holiday, which may resolve some pressure of traffic. People are habituated and thus love using the shortest way by crossing over the street. Create awareness to the people to use the foot over bridge, and zebra crossing to passing the road.

Also make the passageway clear and hygienic to motivate people to use the foot-over bridge and underpasses. Rickshaw and other non-motorized vehicle strictly banned from the street. The rules for CNG refueling station have to be strictly maintained. Those are overlooked the rule are not able to do business. CNG conversion for all types of personal cars Private cars, light motor vehicles etc. This is to reduce traffic congestion on the streets of Dhaka city. In Bangladesh the price of CNG is comparatively cheap as a consequence many private vehicles were in the streets.

In the year the number of registered vehicles was 5lac and 27, among these 2lac are private vehicles. To reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Dhaka city, the use of private motor vehicles must be abridged. The number of rickshaw pullers is vast.

Almost there are no roads or street or lane for them. So, DMP need to make an extra lane for keep the road free from traffic jam. Free the footpaths from illegal occupation of hawkers and bus counters. Private vehicles with less than four or five passengers would not be allowed to ply the city streets. From now the capital city of Dhaka should be blocked or fixed for limited persons as who can maintain living status of education, rules-regulations, civic sense, morality, regular tax payer and good service contributor etc.

The highway bus, truck enter and travel the city between 11pm to 6am. Other than it is banned to travel in city highway. BRTC have to create lots of bus stoppage in the street but in a planned way, basically those place where so crowded.

Without those stoppage any bus are not allow to stop. And also stoppage should be outside from the street, otherwise buses occupying road spaces which may block the traffic flow. Traffic management system has to be stronger enough.

Every driver should have to follow the traffic system. DMP have to create some steps by those citizens and drivers are able to make some knowledge about the traffic system.

If the people are well known about the signal system than it will stop them to violating the traffic system. In front of every shopping mall an extra road need to construct as a stoppage.

Government can shift all wholesale markets, government administrative offices, Dhaka central jail, all industries, tanneries, to outside of Dhaka city.

Industrializations should be based on upozilla; it should not depend on metropolitan cities. Then rural areas will grow up step by step. Every school has to own the transport for the student — especially at the primary level. BRTC has already launched bus service for school going students to ease off traffic jam in the capital. All import-export connected offices should go to near port areas of Chittagong or Mongla, or in on the way to any port where they can send the goods easily for shipment.

There is no need that those offices are to be Dhaka based. All main roads should be one way. All type car parking must band in all roads. Stopping of buses in middle of roads should be band except bus stops. Flyovers are constructed at important intersections to reduce traffic congestion.

Analysis of an opinionated article – Beijing traffic an object lesson for regulation

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Traffic Jam Paragraph: Traffic jam is a common affair in the big cities and towns. This problem is the result of rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles. Most often this problem occurs in the congested areas where the roads are very narrow. In proportion to our population roads have not.

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Cause & Effect Essay: Traffic Problems of a Big City Cities like New York, London, and Paris have all had to deal with thousands of cars running through their streets each day. Traffic congestion is a big problem for everyone within the city.

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Jul 11,  · Traffic Jams are the result of rapid growth in cities. When 2 lanes was fine when there were less cars the roads of the past do not meet modern requirements. A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move forward because there is too much traffic, or because the road is blocked by something. Over the last few years the traffic congestion problem of Dhaka City has visibly been deteriorating steadily.

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This essay will examine the causes of traffic jams that occur in most cities. First of all, the primary cause for traffic jams is the poorly planned road system. Before a government decides to build a new highway or a new road, they should analyze and ensure that what they are planning to . Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Disadvantages Of Traffic Jam".