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I need help writing a Hypothesis for my science project... help ? :)?

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❶Your hypothesis can be an educated guess based on personal experience or advertising.

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I was able to conclude that my hypothesis was correct. After testing all of my products, Bounty was the strongest paper towel. No other paper towel brand came close to the weight Bounty was able to hold which was an average of 2, grams or about pounds.

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VIVA paper towel looks really soft and thin, and bounty looks like is stronger. But VIVA is the strongest one. When we put the coin and the water on top of the Bounty paper towel, it easily teared apart, and when we did it to viva it didn't.

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Hypothesis for which brand of paper towels is strongest. Which paper towel brand is the strongest bounty brawny or viva? I need help on my science fair project . Performing the Paper Towel Experiment Hypothesis “More expensive brands of paper towel are more absorbent.” What You Will Need for the Paper Towel Experiment. At least four brands of absorbent paper towel; A stopwatch; A beaker; A graduated cylinder; A funnel; Method. Fill the beaker up with exactly ml of water; Take a sheet of the first brand of towel.

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For instance, if one brand of paper towel advertises itself as the strongest, your hypothesis could read, "Brand X is the strongest wet paper towel." Create a backboard that has some examples of the paper towels, pictures from the experiment, and the most important parts of the report, like hypothesis, conclusion, and important data, such as the number of quarters each brand handled. Nov 29,  · I need help writing a Hypothesis for my science project help? My experiment question is Which band of paper towel is the strongest. The 3 brands of paper towels i Status: Open.