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Writing a Career Research Paper

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Postsecondary teachers become apart of a certain department based around their field of teaching. They spend a minimal amount of hours teaching in the classroom and only work about nine months out of the year. With summers free for postsecondary teachers, they often spend the time traveling, or composing books and articles, endorsed by the university that they teach at.

Postsecondary teachers prepare college and university students for the jobs that the students strive for. Teaching careers will likely increase in demand within the next couple of years. The elementary field has the highest predicted amount of incoming teachers. For two weekdays, Mrs. Broome, alternates helping two other teachers. She stays with one all morning, then switches to the other teacher in the afternoon.

During times when she does not stay with another teacher, Mrs. Broome assists children who may risk falling behind, through reading, math, or homework help. Whilst working with the morning teacher, she mainly works with small groups, doing math or reading.

Broome takes her students to recess, then to afternoon enhancements, such as physical education, art, or music. Then, she goes to help her afternoon teacher with sorting, filing, grading or passing out papers, while the students take their afternoon enhancements. Then, she helps children with activities or with work they may lack in, while they wait to go home. Some of these activities include working with small groups, reading out loud, and do science projects. She took general education classes to fulfill her elective requirements.

Not completely knowing what she wanted to do as an adult, Mrs. Occasionally, she takes papers home, but often has no work outside of school Broome. Broome loves choosing to help children. She has learned that often times when the students misbehave, it usually occurs due to them seeking individual attention.

She enjoy spending one on one time with each student and teaching them social skills that may help them to get along better with their peers and function better in the classroom. One of the more dissatisfying parts of Mrs. Not having the availability and time to help children who fall behind before tests occurs too often and remains a very disappointing part of teaching for Mrs.

Students do not have enough time to adequately prepare for standardized tests, because some students require more attention in studies than others. She says that if she could change something about teaching that it would revolve around the tests and the state standards Broome. As a teacher, difficulties arise that a person often cannot make different or change.

One of the most challenging parts of Mrs. Knowing that students need help and with a little extra encouragement they could succeed, but unable to provide them with the time to help remains devastating for Mrs. Also, knowing that without help the child may eventually just give up and start to hate school, learning, and often themselves.

It can devastate and challenge an individual at the same time, not having the ability to help. Broome got to teaching in what she calls a very unconventional way, but that she definitely had the needed skills. She says that to become an educator a person must love children and make that their number one priority. When writing this type of essay, maintain specificity to the topic and include pertinent information about job opportunities, benefits, and potential for growth.

You do not need to give lengthy biographical information about yourself except how it relates to the career you have chosen to write about. Begin with a paragraph that defines the career and tells the reader the main reason you are interested in this particular one. Include special skills and knowledge you possess that make this career especially suited to you. Write the body of the essay.

This section ideally consists of at least three paragraphs. They should be five to seven sentences long and emphasize three main points as to why you chose this career such as the duties and responsibilities associated with the career, importance of the job to society, and potential for advancement and growth.

It should leave a strong impression on the reader about your career intentions. Include your general plans for achieving your aspirations and end with your long-term goals, including where you see yourself in this career in 10 or 20 years. Examine your skills and interests. Take note of what you are good at, and more importantly, what you would like to be good at.

Do some career research. Spend a day in the library and interview people doing a career that interests you. Document your sources as you search. Pay special attention to the advantages and disadvantages of possible careers. I recommend making a chart. Match the career with your goals, skills, and interests. Make an outline, cluster, or any of those other prewriting organizational techniques teachers always talk about. Drafting and Revising Include information about yourself--your goals, interests, talents-- in the introduction.

When revising, use the following questions to make sure you covered what you need to cover: What are my career goals and how does the career I described reflect those goals?

How does my chosen career suit my skills? What skills must I improve to succeed at my chosen career? Where can I go to learn the necessary skills? What do I need to improve personally to succeed at this career? References Photo by Aringo Flickr:

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Career Research Paper The career that I had in mind when I first began college was one in counseling psychology. Luckily, this career was one matched closely to my interests and personality type. Although I’ve begun considering other career avenues, I still chose to research this specific career in depth.

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If the process of writing research papers can help Michael, it can help you. I now share with you my How to Write a Career Research Paper lesson plan, a lesson plan .

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A career in oncology allows one the opportunity to specialize in the care, treatment, and research to help those with this devastating disease. Cancer is a complicated disease that causes severe illness. Career Research Is Career is the result of a conscious attitude and behavior in the professional field that is related to official and professional growth. Every person develops his or her own career in accordance with the peculiarities of organizational reality and with his or her own goals and wishes.

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Research Academic Programs, Explore Occupations, and Plan Your Future. Essay Prompt: This essay is your culminating assignment for this course. For this assignment, you are to write a comprehensive essay based upon the choices you are making about majors and career fields. Career Research Essay Words | 9 Pages There are so many, yet limited, different opportunities in the world to have an excellent career and make a decent living while doing something one loves.