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❶These research projects can be used in lieu of a dissertation or thesis across a variety of degree areas such as Business, Nursing, and Education, among others. We are the Industry Leader for a reason.

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But they have a funny way of talking about these relationships. They all say something like the guy in the Godfather: Of course, what we understand in the movie is that it is all very personal what could be more personal than killing someone? Go back thirty years. When these guys talk about growing up, and especially when they talk about their fathers, they also tell you about a relationship that was very personal and emotional in some ways.

Just about all of them, one way or another, talk about how they were not as close to their fathers as they might have wished. Either their father was kind of cold, or disapproving, or judgmental, or, in one case, abusive.

And, of course, they still love their fathers, but you get the sense that they grew up hungry for more of a connection with them. So what you see at the end is how these two stories come together. The relationships these guys have with other people at work are a mixture of being intensely personal yet distant and the way that this is true and it is true in a different way for each guy is similar to the close-but-distant relationship he had with his father.

And the sort of trouble these guys get into at work, the way they make bad decisions, or the way they are dissatisfied, starts to make sense when you see how, for them, what goes on at work is sort of like a re-enactment of what went on thirty years ago when they were trying to make that connection with their fathers. That sounds pretty complicated. I never really said all this to any of them.

I mean one of them I think saw some of this it was pretty unmistakable, and he was a pretty insightful guy. But the others, no. Partly it was just inconvenient. But that is really an excuse. I could have gotten back in touch with them. The real reason was that a lot of what I said about them was pretty rough.

They did not end up sounding like heroes. I saw some of them as pretty immature and unpleasant guys. I did show a chapter to that one guy I mentioned. He said his girlfriend read it to him while they were driving somewhere, and he liked it. But then, I liked him. He was pretty confused about his life too, but at least he was honest about that. We are also aware of the special challenges that students at online Universities face. If you are an online University student, your paper will have to be approved not only by your professors but also by the format reviewers.

Precision Consulting has a team of experienced dissertation editors who come to us from top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, McGill, Cambridge, and Oxford for our international clients who are experts at preparing documents for submission and publication.

We are able to offer much faster turnaround than other editing services — often as little as 3 to 4 days for a full dissertation. One of the most common aspects that we see is the updating of older references used in the body of the work.

Many of our clients are part-time students or work on their dissertations for over a year. Either way, with the implementation of a general rule about only using year old references, those time lags can result in the presence of older references. This access allows us to help you fill in the gaps if your references are missing information such as a place of publication or volume number.

Precision Consulting was featured in the edition of the Inc , establishing us as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States. The key factors that separate us from our competition are as follows: We guarantee approval of our edits by your reviewer or institution, almost always on the first submission.

It is challenging and responsible project that can effect to your future academic life. However, the revising and correction of such research may be even more complicated. You get stuck with these tasks for many days or even weeks. You have to make a deep research, write, change and finally, edit your paper.

Especially when you receive a lot of notes from your teacher on what needs to be revised. It goes without saying that so many tasks will be accompanied by a lot of stress. What is there to do when the time is pressing but you cannot cope with the important assignment? Probably, a professional editor is your only option. Many students require a qualitative and skilled dissertation editor. Luckily for you, our resource has many professional Phd dissertation editors who are capable of performing different assignments.

Our company provides its customers with qualitative and timely dissertation consulting and editing assistance. All of our workers were students just like you and each member of our friendly team knows everything about academic assignments and how to write them.

Moreover, our dissertation editing services cost is more than affordable. We are a trustworthy agency, which functions for many years and has achieved a lot. We constantly improve our methods of work and thus, we have won the recognition among our customers. We employ only really talented, experienced and well educated writers. They can match up with the highest standards and will write the excellent papers. Each of them is an expert and knows for sure how to make your research work perfect.

Our authors will write captivating theses and will correct all mistakes in your dissertation. You may be sure that they are real professionals and will do everything that is possible to turn your paper into some kind of a real masterpiece.

They always improve the methods of their work. Therefore, you can count on highly qualitative performance. Each paper will be unique, with proper citations and references.

Your dissertation will be written in a needed style and the structure will be kept as well. Each of our authors is also an excellent thesis editor. Of course, we have considered other necessities and we can guarantee that we will provide you with all essential conveniences and services.

We took into account the matter of price, privacy, quickness, and availability. You will be surely satisfied with what we can suggest you. You can easily check our reputation on the Internet finding the official information about our service and read the testimonials of our numerous customers.

You will not lose much of your precious time while making an order on our resource. Everything is pretty simple and will run fast. You only should leave the necessary contact details and publish your assignment on our resource. Of course, you may likewise add some essential details concerning your order.

You may describe your topic in general, mention the needed format, style, standards of citations, and any other peculiarities that should be present in your dissertation.

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Need Help with Your Qualitative or Quantitative Methods? Thank you Dissertation-Editor for your editing services. My paper is now edited with perfect grammar, formatting, and no typos. Javier M. My experience with Dissertation Editor exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot express the level of gratitude I feel -- I will use them and.

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Dissertation Editing. Precision Consulting provides expert editing services to doctoral and master’s degree candidates needing a high-quality dissertation editor.

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If you’re writing a dissertation that draws on qualitative research, it’s likely that you may need to use computer software to assist in the interpretation and analysis of your data. Qualitative analysis software can help you code, . Our remarkable dissertation editors offer the best conditions and all kinds of dissertation editing services, thesis editing and dissertation proofreading help.

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