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Homework help with the Scientific Method?

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The Scientific Method

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It’s here: the NEW Britannica Kids website!

What is the hypothesis: If I fertilized corn plants with the Rapid Red Fertilizer, then it should produce more ears of corn than the corn plants fertilized with a regular fertilizer. What is the prediction: The farmer predicted that if this is true, corn plants fertilized with Big Red Fertilizer will have more ears of corn per plant than corn fertilized with regular fertilizer.

Which plants are included in the experimental group: The experimental group consists of the corn plants, in one field, that will be fertilized with the Rapid Red Fertilizer. Which plants are included in the control group: The control group consists of the plants that will receive the standard fertilizer. Identify the independent variable: The independent variable will be the different type of fertilizer used.

In this case, it is the Rapid Red Fertilizer. Identify the dependent variable: At the end of the season, the farmer observed that the corn plants in the field fertilized with Rapid Red Fertilizer produced more ears of corn per plant. Identify the controlled variable: The corn plants, irrigating on the same day, and plowing on the same day is the controlled variable.

What conclusion would be drawn if the corn plants in the control field were found to have more ears of corn per plant than plants from the experimental field. The conclusion would be that the Rapid Red Fertilizer does not have any affect on the growth and prodcution of the corn plants. There must be another contributing factor other than the fertilizer. I've been out of school since and just started at a local community college. I am just seeking some direction or help with my homework.

I am not looking for anyone to complete my homework. I appreciate any and all help. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Only a few little nitpicks: For number 6, you're indicating the result of the experiment. The dependent variable is a little less exciting than that, and is just how many ears of corn per plant were produced.

Also, while 5 is correct, the variable of Rapid Red Fertilizer was the value of the variable, not the variable itself. Your initial statement was more accurate: For number 7 your answer is correct though I hate this question because it implies that there is only one 'controlled' variable, when in reality there are tons though I'd be more specific Number 8 is the only one where I think you're a little off.

If the control ends up producing more ears of corn per plant, then we can make a valid guess that Rapid Red Fertilizer does have an effect on the plants Not only does Rapid Red Fertilizer fail to do what it advertises, it decreases the yield per plant instead of increasing it.

They will both have the same shape and size. The Independent Variable IV is that one of the cars is wood and the other is metal.

Materials- Things you need to complete the assignment. A wooden car, a metal car, a stop watch and a roll of white tape. Procedure- The steps you take to do the experiment. Put the tape at the bottom of the hill to resemble the finish line. Set both cars at the top of the hill.

Then at the same time push the cars and start timing. Data- The ending results or what happened during the experiment using tables or table and calculations. Analysis- graph or graphic organizer Venn diagram for example. I had learned that the metal car went an average of 4. Both of the cars were the same size and shape. Must be in blue or black ink if handwritten graphs may be in pencil.

If typed, Times New Roman font with 12 point font size. Title follows format in order to be descriptive. Problem written in question form. Procedures are numbered or lettered and follow a step-by-step complete sentence direction.

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Use these tips to help memorize the steps of the scientific method. The Five Categories The scientific method consists of five categories/steps as listed below.

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Apr 09,  · Biology and Scientific Method Homework Help Grab Best Assignment Support on Biology and Scientific Method: Biology is a subject that is learned from /5().

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The phrase “scientific method” is used in two contexts; the first is a formal method for determining truth. It involves the elements of laws, hypotheses, experiments, and theories. The second context of scientific method is how scientists actually work, and it seldom involves the first context. The Scientific Method. Overview: This Lesson will help you with setting up and doing well on science projects. If you follow this study guide you will do much better in your science class. Step one: Problem-The question you would like to answer. Ex.