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❶However, almost 70 years on, and despite a watertight case in support of its decriminalization, marijuana -- a drug which is arguably less harmful than tobacco and alcohol -- continues to be illegal in the U. The issue of marijuana being a drug as well as medicinal herb has brought substantial controversy among the different medical practitioners and the law enforcement agencies.

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These studies show that marijuana provides relief for medical conditions, including nausea and vomiting, stimulating appetite, promoting weight gain, and diminishing intraocular pressure from glaucoma.

Further, there is evidence that smoked marijuana reduces muscle spasticity from spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis, and diminishes tremors in multiple sclerosis patients. Marijuana also provides relief from migraine headaches, depression, seizures,…… [Read More].

Dangers of Marijuana Is a. The Journal of Neuroscience 26 Cognitive Consequences of Cannabis Use: Comparison with use of Stimulants and heroin with regard to attention, memory and executive functions. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior. Nursing Advantages of Medical Marijuana.

AIDS -- it boosts appetite in patients who are experiencing severe weight loss. Neurological disorders, including spinal cord injury and multiple scleroses -- it reduces pain and spasticity that results from nerve damage. Inflammatory pain -- it has been found that Cannabinoids are more effective than opiates in treating long-term, chronic pain. Autoimmune diseases like arthritis- it holds back the immune system thus resulting in less pain and inflammation Cannabis in the Clinic?: The Medical Marijuana Debate, More recent research has shown that there are additional benefits to the use of marijuana.

A University of Saskatchewan study has suggested that the use of marijuana may encourage the growth of brain cells.

This study also showed that a synthetic substance comparable to ones found in marijuana stimulates cell growth in regions of the brain that is linked with anxiety and depression. In addition, a study conducted by the Scripps Research…… [Read More]. Legalization of Marijuana An Economic.

The process is even unlikely to stop if dealers are arrested, given that clients remain and support the market. The government however is not probable to change its convictions concerning marijuana in the near future, most probably because marijuana continues to be linked to crime and more dangerous drugs.

Greenwood Press, The masses continue to absurdly blame marijuana, even though they are unaware of its potential. Numerous people even marijuana consumers are indifferent toward the industry marijuana could produce and prefer to keep it at the present level, most probably because they are afraid of the law and for the fact that they are reluctant to go through what they perceive as being a great deal of trouble.

The government ought to alter marijuana's current schedule 1 potentially addictive without existing medical utility status, to schedule 2 status possibly addictive but having accepted clinical utility and correspondingly regulate it Should marijuana be a medical option? Medical cannabis has effectively relieved pain among a number of individuals suffering from chronic ailments. Medical science researchers have only now established the scientific effectiveness of this ancient cure.

Several thousand ailing individuals have substituted non-threatening, nontoxic cannabis for disabling psychotropic drugs such as narcotics.

A tremendous amount of anecdotal proof has surfaced: Advocacy for Medicinal Marijuana Over Other Drugs For a considerable period of time, the reliance for the betterment of the health of an individual has depended on herbal remedies, and in many part of the world and in many households even, these continue to take a preference over the more advanced medical drugs that have come to define modern medicine.

Cannabis or Medical Marijuana is one such example of an herb that today is surrounded by controversy as regards to its usage and benefits. Besides the more negative connotations that seem to be attached to Marijuana, the medical benefits of it seem to surpass its disadvantageous. It will be the purpose of this paper, therefore, to establish a case for the use of Medical Marijuana based on its advantages as compared to Medical Drugs.

Marijuana has come to be known by many names usually being a result…… [Read More]. Communication Legalization of Marijuana Pro-Side: There are many good reasons for the legalization of marijuana. While there are few jurisdictions from which to pull evidence on the positive benefits of legalization, we do have extensive experience with the negative impacts of marijuana prohibition. Marijuana prohibition has resulted in high arrest rates, in particular for minorities, which has created social chaos in those communities as young men are incarcerated long-term for what is a victimless crime.

Marijuana prohibition also denies governments a potentially important source of tax revenue, as there is a fairly high consumption rate of the plant already.

Marijuana prohibition costs law enforcement millions, has created a massive and bloody gang war in Mexico, and has done nothing to stem the use of the plant. These financial and law enforcement resources would be put to better use elsewhere. It is the interests of law enforcement, many politicians and the…… [Read More]. Legalization of Marijuana The growing approval and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has strengthened the debate as to whether marijuana should be legalized for general use.

Eight states now have laws allowing the medical use of marijuana, and territories within Australia and Canada have pass laws legalizing the use of the drug. European countries, such as Switzerland have also passed laws that legalize the use, but in some cases, outlaw the possession of the drug Joffe et al.

In fact, there are a wide variety of compelling factors that support the legalization of marijuana. Legalization allows for regulation of the substance for medicinal purposes, ensuring that supplies used by the public are not tainted with harmful chemicals. By permitting the use of marijuana governments also have increased potential to reduce the amount of violent crime that often results when drugs are illegalized and trade is driven to an…… [Read More].

Current Events Medical-Marijuana on July 12 Current Events Medical-Marijuana On July 12, the Seattle city council took the first steps toward the regulation of medical-marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

The city would require that "medical-marijuana operations get a city business license and comply with city land-use, fire safety, and other rules. Governor Chris Gregoire's veto clearly makes medical-marijuana dispensaries illegal, and in response to the partial veto, the city of Seattle has taken the steps to regulate medical-marijuana dispensaries on their own.

The issue of medical-marijuana had become a major issue with the advance of medical technologies and treatments, specifically chemotherapy, but also other ailments such as AIDS. In July of…… [Read More]. Legalization of Marijuana History and. Others believe that it is no better than other drugs and can even be more dangerous when used for long periods of time "Medical Marijuana," After centuries of use, it seems ridiculous that the government would get up in arms about marijuana proliferation for personal or medical use in the United States.

If marijuana can relieve the symptoms of deadly diseases, allowing those suffering from them to be more comfortable, it should be used. In addition, Guither makes it clear that the reason marijuana was made illegal was not a result of scientific evidence or the opinions of experts. Instead, the illegalization of marijuana was fueled by political, economic, and social incentives.

By legalizing marijuana, the United States would free law enforcement from focusing on this problem to train their focus on real crime.

Why Is Marijuana Illegal? Retrieved June 18, , from Salon. Medicinal Marijuana a Humanitarian Medical. Evidence largely suggests that the subject in question would have been given a well-established pain-management strategy otherwise lacking had marijuana been available. Unfortunately, this plentiful, profitable, easy-to-grow and highly accessible substance has been demonized and victimized by hostile propaganda even as dangerous and deadly substances such as tobacco, alcohol and antidepressants remain highly proliferated.

From the combination of my experience and my value system, I must implore you to reconsider your position on the subject. You needn't simply take my work on the matter. Please conduct some actual research through peer-reviewed medical journals and I am confident you will find overwhelming critical evidence to support my position.

Further, please consider, as will be detailed in the fact sheet hereafter, that the your political concerns over the position are unfounded.

Public support for the legalization of marijuana has never been higher, and is largely a product of the view that it…… [Read More]. Legalization of Marijuana One of. This is largely because there are two major reasons for the legalization of marijuana i. The decriminalization of the use of the drug can be a major point of governmental revenue through taxation of the sale of the drug. Secondly, as evident through history, the value of the drug to the medical field outweighs the disadvantages of its potential abuse in addition to its significance to both the paper and clothing industries "Legalizing Marijuana," n.

The decriminalization of the use of the drug will be of huge profit to the government because of the huge amounts related to the average price of the drug. Through this initiative, entrepreneurs are likely to begin their own operations because of the noticeable huge profits made in the marijuana market. Consequently, the supply of the drug on the streets will increase significantly…… [Read More]. In the state of Texas, the use of marijuana for medical reasons is illegal, but I would like you to reconsider this issue.

I have a personal interest in this issue as I am terminally ill with colon cancer. By the time this issue is resolved in Texas, it will likely be too late for me, but being ill has made me wish to be proactive so that I can help others to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Medical marijuana has proven to help cancer sufferers and other chronically or terminally ill people in a myriad of ways. I hope you will consider this information and, after reading this letter, promote the use of medical marijuana in the state of Texas so that people in my position will be happier and healthier in the future.

Medical marijuana has been proven to alleviate the symptoms…… [Read More]. Affordable Care Act and Marijuana. When the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, several people commended the Court for refusing to remove the only social protection they had which was established and improved by the New Deal as well as the Great Society. The House of Congress agreed to allow certain states have a significant level of command on the way federal programs such as Medicaid were implemented on the condition that it would be free to set up and enlarge its planned national entitlement schemes Brown-Nagin, A huge disagreement in the beliefs of federalism has been bared for all via the suits contesting the Obamacare mandate.

A school of thought believes that the government should get involved even constitutionally in situations when certain states do not have individual capabilities to settle a particular dispute.

This school also believes that the main reason why the Constitution clearly specifies national bodies is…… [Read More].

Legalize Marijuana Legalizing marijuana In this era of spiraling medical costs, if there is a product that has never caused any deaths, has proven benefits, and is inexpensive, it should not only be legal, but should be aggressively pursued by governmental agencies to aid in the health care crisis. Would you be interested in a substance that could alleviate nausea and vomiting for most cancer and chemotherapy patients? How about a way to stimulate hunger so that AIDS and other immune-suppressed individuals can eat again?

How about this same substance that could lower pressure on the eye and treat glaucoma? How about chronic migraines, back pain, or even nausea and vomiting cased with hepatitis? And, would you be excited if you knew that preliminary studies show that this same substance, widely available, prevents the formation of plaque deposits in the brain of Alzheimer's victims?

What if you also knew this…… [Read More]. Business Research Into the Legalization of Marijuana. Business Research Research into the legalization of marijuana will seek to determine what people's views on the issue are.

The population is going to be the entire United States, as we are seeking to determine national views about the issue. The sampling will be done at random, using databases of phone numbers and computer-generated dialing.

The operators will only know of and gather non-personal information such as age bracket, gender and state of residence. The major downside to this form of sampling is that many younger people will not be sampled because they often do not have landlines.

Random sampling is the "purest form" of probability sampling in that it is free from researcher bias and is more likely to accurately reflect the total population as a result StatPac, Landline ownership is a reasonable proxy for the total population, with the caveat noted above.

However, other sampling methods are…… [Read More]. Should Marijuana Be Legalized Nationally. People have been using Cannabis Sativa, also known as marijuana, for a number of centuries now. The plant from which marijuana is made grows in several locations around the world.

Cannabis Sativa plant's flowering top is the source of marijuana as it has Tetrahydrocannnabinol THC , a chemical that induces the state changes among users of marijuana.

Studies show that using marijuana has both long-term and short-term health effects. Marijuana's short-term effects include distorting the senses including the sense of time and a reduced ability to concentrate. Long-term effects can be more damaging health wise and include a drop in testosterone and sperm levels among men, respiratory problems similar to those suffered by those who smoke tobacco, fatigue, lower libido, reduced fertility and alterations of body composition where the body records a drop in muscle mass as fat mass…… [Read More].

Alcohol and Marijuana on Human. The user's mouth feels dry, and he or she may suddenly become very hungry and thirsty. His or her hands may tremble and grow cold. The euphoria passes after awhile, and then the user may feel sleepy or depressed. Occasionally, marijuana use produces anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic http: Marijuana use impairs a person's ability to form memories, recall events see Marijuana, Memory, and the Hippocampus , and shift attention from one thing to another.

THC also disrupts coordination and balance by binding to receptors in the cerebellum and basal ganglia, parts of the brain that regulate balance, posture, coordination of movement, and reaction time. In many of these cases, alcohol is detected as well http: Decriminalization of Marijuana Ever since marijuana was declared an illegal drug in the U. By the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act in under dubious circumstances, there has been a realization among various groups of people that it was a mistake.

However, almost 70 years on, and despite a watertight case in support of its decriminalization, marijuana -- a drug which is arguably less harmful than tobacco and alcohol -- continues to be illegal in the U. In this essay I shall argue why marijuana should be decriminalized without further delay by demonstrating that it is a relatively harmless drug and explaining the benefits of legalizing the drug. Before I proceed to present arguments in support of decriminalization of marijuana let us ponder over two important questions: Medical Marijuana in Their Book.

Medical marijuana aside, serious social, philosophical, and political problems are associated with keeping the drug illegal. First, there is a significant logical contradiction inherent in the legal status of marijuana vs. Both alcohol and tobacco are widely known to be physically addictive and directly harmful and yet both alcohol and tobacco remain legal.

Marijuana, on the other hand, has potential health benefits and is associated only with mild addictive symptoms but marijuana is illegal. Medical Marijuana There Is Presently. The most noticeable change is JJ's ability to use words: He has also become more willing to help others who function at a lower academic level" "Mother and Son: The Case of Medical Marijuana".

A main reason for which the government is unable to successfully control medical marijuana is the fact that it is not actively involved in the enterprise and that it would rather take on the mission of penalizing those who commit criminal acts and use the medical marijuana legislation as a cover-up Kreit.

Although critics might think otherwise, traditional medicine has no beneficial effect in the case of some patients and this makes it absolutely necessary for these patients to be presented with alternatives in trying to gain relief from their pains. Legalization of Marijuana Early in , marijuana was made illegal by the pulp paper industry in collaboration with the government and renamed it the "Devil's Weed.

The government has wasted countless dollars convicting law-abiding citizens just for possessing and using marijuana. The wastage is also related to the withholding of the medical benefits of the plant. Besides, it has missed numerous amounts of money if only they would regulate it like cannabis and tobacco; then they would gain Van Ours, For economic research, the legalization of marijuana seems to be a very unconventional theme, but with the current economic crisis, conventional problems will require unconventional solutions.

In most western countries, marijuana usage, trade, and possession are criminal activities, and that is why empirical data on…… [Read More]. Legalizing Marijuana According to the. New research is underway examining the effects of marijuana on multiple sclerosis and stroke victims, which is one of the key reasons why more funding, and fewer obstacles, for research are needed. Already, twenty-one states have opened the door to potential research, but only six states have launched research campaigns into the medicinal benefits of pot: Federal legalization would ensure that more research on marijuana's health benefits will be completed.

Because marijuana is illegal, citizens who want it must turn to criminal avenues of distribution unless they are one of the few living in California who can acquire medical marijuana. Many of the existing illegal avenues of distribution are run by organized crime networks. In order to protect their interests, such criminal organizations will stop at nothing, including murder.

The violent crime that is related to the marijuana trade…… [Read More]. Legalizing Marijuana Any drug that alters the brain chemistry, impairs cognitive functions, and creates an addictive personality cannot be recommended as safe. While there is no suppressing the fact that controlling illegal marijuana use continues to be a financial and administrative bottleneck, they are overridden by the potential harmful health consequences of legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana has been in use for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. With the development of new synthetic drugs there was a gradual decline in its use from the early part of the 20th century. Today however, though illegal, it continues to be a widely used drug in the United States for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

In the year alone there were more than 2. Legalization Debate on Marijuana There. Despite the fact that certain parties as in Chicago may be arguing that the war on drugs cost billions a year, it must not be forgotten that the war on drugs also yields revenue for the government, and that legalizing drugs would cost more than it saved.

Additionally, such use would negatively effect businesses and families, and the loss in taxes from income earned could be significant. In conclusion, marijuana restrictions should in no way be relaxed, because marijuana is a serious…… [Read More].

Today, the United States enjoys the dubious distinction of incarcerating more of its citizens than any other industrialized nation on earth. Perhaps even more troubling still, the majority of these citizens have been imprisoned for nonviolent crimes involving drugs, with marijuana being one of the most prominently drugs.

Furthermore, these issues have assumed new importance and relevance in recent years. As the country continues to struggle to recover from the Great Recession of , dwindling federal and state budgets have forced lawmakers to scramble to identify ways to save money in order to turn the tide for economic recovery. One initiative that has been advanced time and again is the legalization of marijuana because it would reduce the number of people being incarcerated and help generate new tax revenues.

To determine if this is the legalization of marijuana is a truly viable option, this paper provides a…… [Read More]. Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana or Cannabis is actually a plant, which has the scientific name 'cannabis sativa' and was originally used for ordinary purposes such as for fabric making and cloth weaving. Some are of the view that it was also used as sails when shipping industry had not become technologically sophisticated.

The plant was also once used for the treatment of psychiatric conditions but after it was banned in the country, marijuana was forced to vanish from the medical field too. Marijuana became a problem when people started using it as a drug in the form of powder. This is because marijuana affects chemical processes in the brain and puts a person in a state of elation.

But all this is temporary and a person becomes so addicted to this drug that he cannot stay away from it. The dangerous impact on marijuana on the brain is also evident…… [Read More]. Against Legalizing Marijuana in America.

Thus, it is not an individual choice issue. Cost of Drug Use journal article by Roberto a. Richard ; in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, reveals that the cost of drug use and abuse, especially marijuana, is expensive to the country. Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana was declared an illegal drug in the U. Since that time numerous studies have shown that the drug is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

Despite the available evidence and the enormous cost of enforcing the marijuana ban, it is hard to understand why this relatively harmless drug continues to remain illegal in the United States.

This essay argues why marijuana should be decriminalized without further delay. Opponents of legalizing marijuana contend that it is a dangerous drug; this is far from the truth.

For example, there has not been a single recorded case of death due to marijuana overdose. On the other hand, a legal intoxicant like alcohol results in the death of about 5, persons every year due to overdose. The reason for this is that the ratio of cannabinoids necessary for…… [Read More].

Legalize Marijuana Considering the Legalization of Marijuana. Considering the Legalization of Marijuana The federal government outlawed marijuana in , a decision that remains controversial to this day. Proponents argue that growers have profited for decades and should be taxed accordingly. In the health care arena, medical marijuana is legal in a number of states, a decision with which seventy percent of Americans agree Vlahos Those against legalization cite potential health hazards, similar to those faced by smokers of tobacco.

Although only mildly physically addictive, marijuana can be psychologically addictive. It is often called the "gateway" drug since users sometimes progress to more powerful illegal substances. Marijuana is called a "soft" drug and seems more socially acceptable than other drugs; after all "smoking and eating are more naturally associated with pleasure than is…… [Read More].

Legalizing Marijuana Arguments Abound. Legalize Marijuana An examination of the arguments about the legalization of marijuana indicates that this substance should be legalized. Quite simply, the benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh its detriments. Were marijuana legalized, individuals could widely use it as a form of medication. Additionally, they could utilize it as a source of revenue that could potentially improve the economy in the United States.

When considering these boons against the perceived negative effects of legalizing marijuana, it becomes clear that this country should legalize it. Perhaps the most advantageous benefit of legalizing marijuana is medical utility it serves. Marijuana is prescribed for a number of medical conditions.

It helps to calm people and to sooth individuals who otherwise might have tendencies to get nervous or overexcited; it helps with seizures Klas. Additionally, marijuana helps to stimulate the appetite, which could prove useful to people who have issues with weight and with eating…… [Read More]. Medical Marijuana Evidence-Based Practice. Cannabis The Efficacy of Medical Marijuana Use in Palliative Care Clinical Question Because marijuana has been legalized for medical use in twenty states, its use has received much media attention and scrutiny.

Marijuana also increases the likelihood of depression, social withdrawal, panic attacks, and other mental health problems within teenagers. Cannibas also can lead to dependency and abuse. In the report, Marijuana Use by Young People: Teenage marijuana use declined nationwide from to At the time of the study, there was no evidence that the passage of 10 state medical marijuana laws produced an increase in adolescent marijuana use within those states, or nationwide.

In fact, just the opposite was shown. Across-the-board, a decrease in youth marijuana use in medical marijuana states marginally exceeded the national decline. Medical marijuana is less harmful than many other prescription drugs.

Many drugs that are prescribed for the same ailments as medical marijuana are administered simultaneously. This increases the risk of multiple side effects. Nearly all drugs, including legal drugs, act as a bigger threat to individual health than marijuana does. Marijuana is non-toxic and cannot be used to overdose. To date, the annual death count of those dying from marijuana is zero.

The damage done to lungs from smoking marijuana is three to five times greater than smoking tobacco. Respiratory problems which include daily coughing and phlegm, and symptoms of chronic bronchitis are displayed by regular marijuana smokers. They are also subject to having chest colds and damaging lung tissue. It is true that smoking marijuana can be harmful to your lungs; however, there are different forms of benefitting from medical marijuana that do not include smoking it.

Marijuana can be inhaled through a vaporizer. It can also be eaten in cakes, cookies, and other treats. The onset of the relief from medical marijuana is released sooner through smoking than by any other means.

There are no definitive studies to date that substantiate the claim that marijuana smoking is worse than cigarette smoking. Currently there is only one legal source of marijuana for clinical research in the United States.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is that source, which makes it difficult almost impossible for researchers to acquire marijuana for their studies. In order to gain FDA approval, medical marijuana studies would have to be done a large-scale which would be exceedingly costly. With the added limitations of supply from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it would be unachievable to complete that level of research. In June , the U. Raich kept state medical marijuana laws in tact but allowed for continued federal attacks on patients, even in states with medical marijuana laws.

In order for seriously ill people to use medical marijuana to relieve their chronic symptoms, the legalization of medical marijuana must occur through Congress. This would also result in a decrease in overall adolescent marijuana usage, and it would provide another viable, less detrimental source of pain relief for patients.

Center for MedicinalCannibas Research. Cannabis is more than simply D9-tetrahydrocannabinolby Ethan B. Russo and John M. How does the cost of marijuana compare to the cost of marinol? Marijuana and the Human Body. Schaffer Library of Drug Policy. Should marijuana be a medical option? Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay 9 September We will write a custom essay sample on.

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Marijuana essay papers. Ever since it s boom in the s and s, marijuana use has been a controversial topic. Marijuana is the dried, shredded flowers and buds of the hemp plant, cannabis saliva (Monroe). Marijuana essays / Should Marijuana Be Used To Relieve Aids Patients.

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Free marijuana papers, essays, and research papers. The Legalization of Marijuana - Medical marijuana is one of the most controversial subjects in politics.

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Marijuana is a commonly used term referring to the cannabis plant. There are three species of cannabis: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Holland is the first country to legalize marijuana, the research show that the level of drug abuse in this country is very low. Here given is a professionally written academic essay example on the issue of legalization of marijuana. Feel free to use this template to your advantage.

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(Results Page 2) View and download marijuana essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your marijuana essay. Marijuana Essay Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen grown naturally as the cannabis plant. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency classifies it as a Schedule I substance, with high abuse potential and no accepted medical utility.