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❶Olympic trials The Waffle Trainer becomes America's best selling training shoe.

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Nike research paper jersey.. aqa creative writing monologue
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Nike Essay

This essay provides an economics analysis of Nike; covering various economic factors, including price elasticity of demand, competitive advantage, supply and demand, substitute, market share, and market structure.

The company sells athletic apparel and athletic footwear across the globe. Nike sells its products to retail accounts, via their personally owned retail stores as well as online sales and using a blend of independent licensees and distributors. It sells its product in around countries across the globe. The firm focuses its product offerings in 7 major categories: In addition, Nike also markets the products designed for children and for other recreational and athletic uses, for example cricket, baseball, football, cricket, golf, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, outdoor activities, wrestling and walking Nike - Company Portfolio, ; Reuters, Nike designs athletic footwear products mainly for particular athletic use.

The firm sells sports accessories as well as apparels, and athletic accessory items and bags. Nike also markets apparel with licensed college and professional teams. Besides, company also sells performance equipments such as timepiece, devices, eyewear, sports balls, and several others. Nike sells its products directly to customers via Nike Financial Plan www.

Free research that covers company ownership nike Nike Functional Analysis www. Free research that covers introduction nike's Swot Analysis Of Nike www. They are not paying them for their overtime. It takes the average worker one hour of wages to be able to buy 1 kilogram of rice. The average farmer makes about a dollar a day, where the average factory worker makes about two dollars a day.

Sure this is more money, but there is a catch The catch 22 is that the factory worker puts in double plus hours each day, in poor working conditions, with no rights.

The shoes that these workers are making cost Nike about five dollars per shoe, and on an average, they sell for one hundred dollars or more depending on the shoe. The Nike workers also have to go through the workday in unhealthy work conditions. He found excessive noise and heat. Levels of toxic chemicals were still present, but reduced. He found misuse of equipment and poor tracking of worker illness. Because of this investigation, Nike went ahead and introduced water based chemicals, which reduced the level of toxic chemicals.

When they interviewed some more workers after this, they found that they still had health issues that were unresolved. Another issue that these workers face is not having the right to form unions. There have been many cases in which workers have been threatened and fired.

Many people would ask the question: This can be easily answered by looking at the global economy. The global economy consisted of many companies using third world countries as their base for their factories that make their products. All these companies are backed by the WTO. The reason that Nike gets away with having factories as such in Indonesia, is that they are backed by the a very powerful world organization, the WTO, thus allowing Nike to make huge profits.

Now I am not saying that Nike is free to do what they want. They have been pressured by many independent organizations, which fight for the rights of the factory workers, and the types of conditions described in this article. Because of this, Nike has made some changes throughout the years that benefit the workers, but it is still not enough. In conclusion, it seems that Nike is making a huge profit at the cost of human live and dignity.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on their workers, who are the backbones of making the actual shoes, they are spending it on their advertisements to promote their company. I realize that advertisement is essential to the success of a product, but it should not be at the cost of another human being to make a profit.

I know that Nike is just one of thousands of companies that have taken their labor overseas, so that the product can be made at a fraction of its cost. Unfortunately the public sees Nike as a company whose product is worn by the rich and famous, therefore it is something that they would want for themselves.

We the consumer enable them to continue this kind of business, because we buy the product. Through global media, we the public are becoming more aware of this kind of exploitation of workers. Overall, I think there is no pride to be found in companies that exploit their employees at the cost of a better profit for themselves.

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Free nike papers, essays, and research papers. Nike and Its Ethical Behavior - Phil Knight started his shoe company by selling shoes from the back of his car.

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