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Sponsored by the Excelsior College, this online writing lab has an attractive interface and lots of interactive features. The information on the website is well organized, and the entire website is very easy to navigate.

The materials are divided into several sections: The materials include not only verbal explanations, but also videos and practice activities. For the list of topics, go to the Site Index. The online writing lab sponsored by Purdue University is a resource both for teachers and students.

It provides a variety of materials on the general writing process, academic writing and research, subject-specific writing, and creative writing, to name a few. The website also has a separate section for ESL learners, which offers useful resources geared towards the needs of second language writers. Those applying for grad school or a job can find useful recommendations and materials on how to write graduate school applications and compose resumes, CVs, and cover letters.

For topics, go to the site map. Writing at the University of Toronto. This OWL is particularly helpful for teaching about academic writing skills. The website provides materials on planning and organizing, reading and researching, using sources, style, and editing.

If you teach about different writing genres e. Most materials in the website are supported by PDF versions that teachers can use as handouts. I am preparing for an English teat. Writing test is one of the module. I need some one to validate my writing skill, can you please validate the following email writing and send your feedback.

I have written answer for two questions, please validate both of them. You work in a very big office. There is a popular and cheap restaurant in the building. The boss is thinking of removing the restaurant and replacing it with a child care facility for the working mothers in the office. Your company has asked you to respond to an opinion survey. I think we should keep the restaurant. Communication Faculty and Staff.

Hound For A Day. Green and Silver Classic. Music Faculty and Staff. Department of Theatre and Digital Filmmaking. Theatre Arts and Drama Academy. High School Drama Festival. Procedural and Technical Notes.

Procedure for Submitting Films. Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Degree Programs. Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Faculty and Staff. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Department of Health and Human Services.

Health and Human Services Degree Programs. Fire and Emergency Services Administration. Health and Human Services. Health and Human Services Accreditation. Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center. Sliding Fee Scale Application. Health and Human Services Faculty and Staff. Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology. Agency for Conservation Archaeology. Anthropology and Applied Archaeology Degree Programs. Master of Arts in Anthropology. Anthropology and Applied Archaeology Faculty and Staff.

Biology with Secondary Science Licensure. Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Wildlife and Fisheries Science. Master of Science in Biology.

Department of History, Social Sciences and Religion. History with Secondary Social Studies Licensure. Human and Social Sciences. Department of Languages and Literature. Languages and Literature Degree Programs. English with Secondary Licensure. English — Secondary Only.

Master of Arts in English. Languages and Literature Faculty and Staff. Department of Mathematical Sciences. Mathematical Sciences Degree Programs. Industrial Mathematics and Statistics.

Mathematics for Secondary Education. Mathematics for Secondary Education — Secondary. Mathematical Sciences Faculty and Staff. Department of Physical Sciences. Physical Sciences Degree Programs. Chemistry — Secondary Science Licensure. General Science — Elementary and Special Education.

Environmental Science and Geology Instrumentation. Physical Sciences Faculty and Staff. Department of Psychology and Political Science.

Psychology and Political Science Degree Programs. Psychology and Political Sciences Faculty and Staff. Non-Credit Course Proposal Form. Deadlines and Important Dates. Register for a Course.

For Administrators and Counselors. Minors and Endorsement Areas. Electronics Engineering Technology Analog. Electronics Engineering Technology Digital. Fire and Emergency Services. Taking an Online Course. Online Minors and Endorsement Areas. Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences. Financial Aid for Pima Students. Transfer Students Admission Information. Dawg Days New Student Orientation. Student Government Portal and Documents. This section presents faculty with principles, strategies, and best practices for responding to student writing.

The section also emphasizes that effective feedback moves students from novice to expert writers. Additionally, this section conveys the importance of using consistent vocabulary in responding to the major components of academic writing. Lastly, faculty will find practical advice on commenting using several types of responses. This section discusses how to plan and guide student peer review in the classroom and highlights several strategies, guidelines, techniques, and activities that faculty will find useful in conducting student peer review.

Designing Effective Writing Assignments: This section discusses how to design writing assignments to ensure students grow as writers and thinkers. The section also provides a number of teaching guides that assist faculty in designing effective writing assignments.

A few specific topics related to designing effective writing assignments are presented, which include the importance of backwards thinking, opportunities to ensure better student writing, incorporating both high-stakes and low-stakes writing, and designing writing-to-learn assignments. The Faculty Writing Support section of the Online Writing Lab is a living repository of content supporting writing instruction.

The Writing Commons continues to update topics of interest identified by AU faculty.

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The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

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Many colleges and universities host exceptional online writing labs--or OWLs, as they are commonly called. Here are five of the best.

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Welcome to the Online Writing Lab (OWL) Welcome to the Centralia College Online Writing Lab (OWL), an extension of the English department's Writing Center . TESOL second language writing blogger Elena Shvidko shares her favorite five online writing labs (OWLs), along with links to some of their useful resources for ELT.

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Welcome to the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL), an award-winning open education resource offering multimedia support for writing and reading. Online Writing Lab. The mission of the English Department and the Tiger Writing Lab is to provide writing assistance to TSU students in all disciplines across campus.