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Organizational behaviour essay

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Kolb proposed a learning concept that comprises of four stages of knowledge acquisition. The concept has four learning styles as shown in the model that describes the process of acquiring knowledge in four stages. These stages are exhibited by the employees of an organization as they perform their daily duties. Looking at the experiential learning model closely shows that learning as an activity is complex and different individuals have varying learning styles. Therefore, this paper discusses organizational behavior on the basis of learning.

The tackled learning methods coincide with the experiential learning method of Kolb Kolb, The paper also demonstrates the way individuals within an organization identify with every state of this model.

In writing, David Kolb proposed that experiential learning comprises of six different characteristics. It is better to perceive learning as a detailed process rather than to consider the results. Knowledge acquisition is a continuous procedure whose roots are the daily experiences. This implies that the nature of learning is filled with tension. Being a holistic process during which a person adapts to a world, learning entails transactions between the environment and the learner.

It also implies information acquisition, which originates from personal and social knowledge interaction. The four experiential learning stages are supported properly by other four learning styles that present two appropriate styles. This diagram shows that concrete experience is more of the feelings. It involves learning from relations with people and explicit encounters. Reflective observation is more of watching the actions and behaviors of other people.

People who learn this way observe first then make conclusions. They look at the environment from various perspoectives. Here, the preference of individuals is to act on rational problem comprehension. Doing experiences are the basis of active knowledge acquisition experimentation.

Such people are capable of doing things by motivating other people as well as situations via action. It entails taking risk. As mentioned earlier, this stage entails learning through feelings. People who learn this way look at the feelings of other people and then they behave in a certain way towards them.

At this time, the students played a specific role in the organizational learning. After going into various organizations, they observed the way people were behaving towards one another and circumstances on the basis of their feelings. For instance, they were sympathetic when necessary or showed no emotions. As such, each person responds to as well as needs motivation from the learning methods and styles in varying but relative proportions.

As such, it entails emphasis application in relation to a specific problem as well as the preferred style of learning. Students participated in concrete experience as an aspect of learning model within a month. This involved all students. The used techniques were interaction and observation because these allowed for candid and close contact with the organizational individuals that were involved.

The objectives and goals were to establish the way individuals behave on the basis of their feelings. In reflective observation, a person is required to watch the actions of other people so as to acquire experiences.

Here, watching the behaviors and actions of other people is the major activity. This course engaged student actively because they had to watch the way individuals within an organization were learning via watching. The students realized that most individuals observe before making conclusions or judgments Clark.

Students observed the way people act towards others in their environment. Additionally, they watched the reactions of similar people to varying situations while performing their daily duties which made others learn via observation.

This enabled the students to get comprehensive information after which they gave their verdict. Individuals who learn by watching are capable of assessing problems from varying perspectives rather than using a single side or aspect.

These learners are sensitive to situations and people. They prefer watching and seeing rather than acting on situations immediately. A mattress was bought for some of us to sleep on when tired so we can continue working later at night and this was done with joy. However, things have changed with the hire of the present manager of my unit who insisted I must report to him. The structure was changed in The past 18months have been quite difficult and last year, I decided to put out my CV in the job market.

I recently undertook a job interview with a competitor and hope to move to change jobs soon. My present manager does not show concern for individuals.

Communication is improving as the Executive office had to hold meetings with staff of my department on the poor human relationship environment. My present manager is very effective when it comes to tasks but struggles with people management.

XYZ Limited has evolved over the past nine years of having a corporate office. Understandably, XYZ Limited had no established form. Our structure was horizontal as it was flexible and organized around projects or business opportunities. Today in the Lagos office we have 36 permanent staff and 15 contract staff and the structure has evolved into one that is functional.

This is seen as one of the building blocks of organisational structure Carpenter n. This was a very difficult process for many of us.

We had trainings after trainings that including weekends as the consultant said we barely had procedures and processes written down so it was a lot of education which all of us felt was time-consuming and boring. Staff had to write a test which made them become certified ISO Since achieving the certification, we have had to be recertified for ISO We were recently informed that a new Quality Management System has just emerged for and we have to be re-trained.

Some staff literarily gasped in shock. As a certified corporate body, the organization has to hold two internal audits a year and two external audits which are all time consuming. Its routine but it has helped the organization a lot.

This was never the case some years back. My department now has a procedures manual. We have details of all bids submitted since the year We have a staff handbook and all over the building, you see the company policies hanging on walls.

Every staff has the HR policy which I recently referenced to calculate my gratuity should I move on to another job soon. XYZ Limited is high on formalization and it is better for it. XYZ Limited has a decentralized structure as Heads of Departments and contract holders have decision making authority to a great extent.

I decide which supplier to engage and which freight forwarder to use. I also decide which logistics company delivers the goods to the client. This was not the case 3years ago when one of our Directors was the final authority on all things procurement.

When mails were sent for status report, he responded late that goods were been delivered as much as days behind schedule. This resulted in the suspension of our contract for 9months. As argued by Kessler , centralization saddles managers with too much work. We no longer need to be asking if the Director is presently in Hong Kong to know which number to reach him on to get status reports. As XYZ Limited has grown so has specialization. At a time, I would prepare both technical and commercial bids.

I would prepare RFQs and process purchase orders then coordinate shipping and clearing of goods at the port. I was also tasked with overseeing delivery of goods to clients. It was tasking but highly enriching. I know every part of supply chain intimately with a web of suppliers, forwarders and agents I can call on.

The new hires in my office cannot say the same because even my manager who joined us in cannot prepare a commercial bid effectively. Same can be said of my colleague who joined us in He handles the clearing and forwarding part of SCM and barely knows more than that as there is clear division of labour. As Kessler suggested, specialization can be problematic when the role becomes smaller.

The major drawback that specialization has brought is that staff do not really have a holiday. When I am on vacation in New York or London, I have my blackberry receiving official emails and my laptop filled with corporate data to respond to emails or prepare a quote. We only have working vacations. Some underlying basic assumptions can be seen at XYZ Limited. I will address two of such below. This is seen in our informal dress codes, banter heard across offices, the observation that every member of a department can be found in the same office space including their functional managers.

Each staff member can park cars anywhere within the premises. We will eat together with members of the Board of Directors. We will swim, learn and have some fun together. During staff appraisal, if a staff gets the highest score and the department gets a lower score, that staff is marked down to the level of the department.

It is tough to take but it is just a pointer that the individual success cannot be celebrated over departmental success. He moved to Lagos after his MBA program in one of the UK Universities to start a business from his laundry room with a desktop, printer and scanner.

His dad was one on the richest men in Nigeria. A staff that has been at XYZ Limited for 3months can be heard using that word at least once a week. Our MD saw the opportunities in the oil industry and positioned himself. I believe some are born leaders while many develop leadership abilities. Some people are innately leaders. Trait Theory assumed that leadership depended on the personal qualities of the leader Judge et all Leadership traits must be looked for in a more systematic way during recruitment.

I know of a global company where I have had friends do interviews. After the tests and oral interviews, they were sent to work in their office for five days doing regular day to day work and after that a decision was made on whom to hire. They were looking for those with interpersonal skills and team players. This will help avoid the problem of hiring just cerebral people who lack people skills and disturb the work flow of other staff members.

Organizational members have a habit of evaluating what they contribute to the organization as compared to what they receive in return. The minimum expectation is that inputs must be equal to outcomes. The reward was low on valence so no one took the opportunity till date. Until staff feel there is a commensurate reward for their effort, motivation will be low. It has been argued that financial rewards can lead to lower performance Sundheim but this should not mean that staff should not be rewarded in other ways.

I will recommend that a small percentage of the profit be shared with high performing staff. They can get paid holidays or even stock options.

Disgruntled employees will inevitably cause varying measures of damage to any company. Keeping employees happy is all about communicating effectively and helping everyone to know where they stand. Consider using business models when exploring this valuable skill. A good example or two will support your essay and also keep it contemporary.

Legal obligations also play a very important aspect to managing staff. Leaving out this aspect will leave a big hole in your essay. Discuss the relevant labour law aspects to what is allowed and what is disallowed when dealing with people in a business.

Compensations, designations and legal procedures are just some of the factors you can mention here. Companies who show that they are not afraid of change are the ones that survive in a continuously changing market. Transitioning from one classification to another is a challenge companies are often faced with. People in general do not like change, meaning that transformation within a company is often resisted by workers.

Your essay should include the strategies that can be employed to counter the resistance to change. Keep in mind that employee satisfaction is still important when addressing this issue.

Managers hold this balance strategy in high regard. These essays are always about the correct understanding of how employees behave within a business environment.

If you successfully cover the factors of diversity, openness and change, you will have a good essay underway. Remember that these points are simple guides to help structure the best essay possible. Depending on the topic, the directions you can take are quite diverse.

Get an idea of what your professor expects before moving forward with this type of project. Need help with term paper or research paper?

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Challenges and Opportunities of Organizational Behavior: ‘ Organization behavior responds to the requirement of globalization of modern world. ‘ OB can help in order to reduce issue arising due to the diversity. ‘ OB provides support in order to improve productivity and quality of the work.

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This free Management essay on Organisational Behaviour is perfect for Management students to use as an example.

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- Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts April 2, Organizational behavior encompasses a wide range of topics, such as human behavior, change, leadership, and teams. Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. Organizational behaviour essay An organizational behaviour essay analyzes and discusses the element of human behaviour within a company. These essays have a very social aspect to them and are very much for people who enjoy studying personalities and various human responses to certain situations.

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Subject Code: IMT Subject Name: Organization Structure and Behaviour Objective: To enhance understanding of the dynamics of interaction between the individual and the organisation and facilitate the development of a perspective to diagnose and effectively deal with the issues of human behaviour . Essay on organisational behaviour Using the appropriate examples and illustrations evaluate the contribution of employee motivation in ob, to our understanding of effective people management Organisational behaviour is a focus on the behaviour of individuals and groups within an organisation.