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❶Final Submission requirements for Master's students: Format Reviews are mandatory for every student at Mason who is writing a thesis or a dissertation.

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If you would like us to review your formatting-approved document after you add further material, we will be happy to do so. If you are not defending your thesis, we recommend that you email it to us for the Format Review at least 6 weeks before the final submission deadline for that semester.

After we have received your document, we will check to make sure that its formatting adheres to our University Formatting Guidelines.

We do not review your content; we ONLY review your formatting. We do not check to make sure that your document adheres to the rules of any of these styles. UDTS does not require or forbid the use of any style manual. We will respond to you as soon as possible with any changes you may need to make. Generally, we try not to take more than 2 business days after time of receipt to respond with changes, but delays may occur toward the end of the semester.

Saturdays and Sundays are NOT "business days. We will respond by the following Tuesday. In order for you to graduate in Fall , you must have received an email from us by 5: Mandatory Electronic Submission and the Embargo Policy. The paperwork you will turn in at Final Submission: There are certain documents you will have to complete and turn in, in order to fulfill university requirements for graduation.

They can be found here on our site. The remaining steps in the process: We'll talk to you about the defense and give you some tips that will make fulfilling the remainder of your requirements easier. After the Submission Consultation, you will be ready to attend your defense, which is the fourth step in the process. Every student in a Doctoral program has to defend his or her dissertation.

Some Master's programs require their students to defend; some do not. When you are ready to put your document on reserve, you will need to take a printed copy of it and the completed " Place Dissertations on Reserve " form to the Circulation desk at the Gateway Library.

The staff there will be able to assist you in placing your document on reserve. Only take theses and dissertations to the Circulation Desk at the Gateway Library to put them on reserve prior to your defense.

Bring at least 2 copies of your Signature Sheet with you to the Defense. Hard copies of the Signature Sheet can be printed on regular wood-pulp-based paper, which can be found in copiers, printers, etc. We only need 1 signed copy of your Signature Sheet, but it is always a good idea to have an extra. Make sure to bring black pens with you to the Defense. Your committee members will sign your Signature Sheets, and all signatures have to be in black ink. It is your responsibility to collect signatures from everyone listed under "Committee: Not everyone who has to sign the Signature Sheets will attend your Defense; anyone who does not attend your Defense will still have to sign your Signature Sheets.

You will need to make arrangements to gather all signatures. If you have a committee member who is not at GMU or who is not in the city, county, state, or country , you will still have to secure that person's signature on your Signature Sheets. UDTS can advise and possibly assist you in collecting signatures from remote signatories, but in the end, it is your responsibility to collect the signatures.

At your Defense, your committee may ask you to make changes to your thesis or dissertation. You can continue to make changes to your content after we have approved your formatting. If that occurs, you do not have to resubmit your thesis or dissertation to us for another Format Review, as long as we have already approved your document's formatting.

If you would like us to look at your document again, please send it to us and we will check it; however, you do not HAVE to resubmit your document for further review, as long as its formatting has already been approved.

After your Defense is over, and after you have made all changes you need to make to your thesis or dissertation, you will be ready for Final Submission, the last step in the process. Upcoming Final Submission deadlines are as follows: Final Submission is the last step in the process.

In order to reach this step, you must fulfill the following criteria: After you have completed all of these steps, you will be ready to turn in the final version of your thesis or dissertation. We require all students to make an appointment to submit your document and all necessary final materials to us.

There, you can view our available times and set up an appointment. Final Submission appointments usually take 5 minutes or less, as long as you have all of your materials with you, and your materials are all correct and complete. Once you complete the aforementioned steps, your process will be complete, and you will be eligible to graduate. If you would like to purchase a bound copy ies of your document for yourself, family members, committee members, etc.: Once you have submitted the final i.

UDTS will not allow corrections of theses and dissertations for the following: Skip to main content. Please click on the links below to read more specific information about each step. Working with Your Committee Step 2: Format Review Step 3: Submission Instructions Step 4: Attend Your Defense Step 5: Working with Your Committee At some point in your graduate career, you will form your committee and begin working on your thesis or dissertation.

Format Review Format Reviews are mandatory for every student at Mason who is writing a thesis or a dissertation. Frequently, more than one round of review is required. We will let you know if that is the case. Format Review Deadline In order for you to graduate in Fall , you must have received an email from us by 5: A student must advance to candidacy status before taking the dissertation courses.

The committee must have at least three members, each of which must be a full-time member of the graduate faculty. The second member of the dissertation committee must be a member of either the HAP Department or the College of Health and Human Services, and the third member of the committee must be from the College or other academic unit at George Mason University.

A fourth member of the committee may be appointed, from another academic unit or from outside Mason, with the approval of the Program Director. Within six months of passing the comprehensive examinations, the student must submit a draft dissertation proposal to the Dissertation Chair and committee.

The proposal shall describe the proposed research as directed by the Chair and Committee. Failure to submit the proposal in a timely manner is grounds for academic probation. The proposal must provide a detailed literature review that provides the context and rationale for the research objectives, state the dissertation objective s , and describe the proposed study design and analytic methods.

The proposal must address the feasibility of completing the dissertation research and state the chair and members of the student's dissertation committee with signatures or other appropriate documentation through e-mail and include a short rationale for the inclusion of each member.

An oral proposal defense must be scheduled with dissertation committee members who have agreed to serve. During the oral proposal defense, the student will describe their proposed research and address questions by the committee members. At the oral defense, the Dissertation Committee determines approval or disapproval of the proposal. Committee disapproval is accompanied by written recommendations for improving the proposed research with expectations for resubmission. Catalog Navigation Contact Information.

The degree has the following two specialized programs of study concentrations: Admissions Requirements Students must have a master's degree or other advanced degree i. Policies Reduction of Credit Students who enter with a master's or other advanced degree may have the credit requirement reduced by up to 30 credits to a minimum of 42 for previous coursework that closely corresponds with doctoral program requirements.

Time Requirements Students must complete all requirements for the PhD in Health Services Research within 9 calendar years from the time of first enrollment as a doctoral student in the program or with provisional status. Other course s supporting the student's subject matter or research methods, as approved by the advisor. Send Page to Printer. Download PDF of this page. Download PDF of the Catalog.

Research and Computational Methods Domain.

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University Dissertation and Thesis Services (UDTS) helps Mason graduate students prepare, format, complete, and submit their theses and dissertations correctly and on time. The answers to many of your questions may be found in our FAQs.

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Home» University Dissertation & Thesis Services» UDTS: The Process. UDTS: The Process Access to theses and dissertations in MARS is not limited to individuals directly affiliated with or connected to George Mason University. If you do not embargo your work for any period, your document will become available in MARS as soon as it is.

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University Dissertation & Thesis Services is not authorized to grant extensions for the final submission of theses and dissertations--that decision is ultimately up to your department, and to the Registrar. University Dissertation & Thesis Services Staff guide you through the required steps of preparing, formatting, completing and submitting your thesis or dissertation. Research Development, Integrity & .

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PhD Dissertations Completed PhD Dissertations. Abstracts available for viewing online are clickable links. For digital copies of the full dissertation, you can search by title, author, year, keyword, etc. using the InPrimo search on Mason’s University Libraries website. Many PhD dissertations . receives less than % of its total traffic. It was owned by several entities, from George Mason University University Drive to George Mason University, it was hosted by George Mason University.