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Eliot - Module C: Beyond the obvious reasons against academic dishonesty, plagiarism is not only useless and counterproductive, but may also end up costing you. Probably the biggest aspect that English challenges you on is your ability to improvise and adapt. And unless if you've attained a firm understanding of the themes within your text and formulated arguments which you're familiar with intimately, you'll likely find formulating a quality response to exam questions on the spot very difficult.

My essays are best studied for their structure and style, as opposed to drawing arguments from. So here are my essays. I'll gladly answer any questions you may have. Last edited by sida; 11 Jul at Share Share this post on Digg Del. Just curious Sida but where did you lose marks? Originally Posted by eyeseeyou.

Originally Posted by porcupinetree. It is clear that media, television, and acquaintances all stress the importance of being thin and beautiful to impressionable young women. If we as a society could only change the emphasis to be on the mind rather than on the body, women would benefit with increased self-esteem, healthier lifestyles, and increased confidence.

Genetic engineering has been one of the most controversial ethical issues since , when the world first heard of Dolly, the first successfully cloned sheep. The news sparked a heated debate not only about genetic engineering generally, but also about whether it would be acceptable to apply some of the same techniques to humans. Although there is support for this among geneticists, there are some powerful moral reasons for opposing genetic engineering in humans.

There is something very objectionable about the idea of parents choosing the genetic make-up of their offspring. Imagine a couple agreeing to make their child tall, peaking somewhere near five feet eleven if female or six feet three inches if male, because dad wants an NFL quarterback and mom wants a super model. Both mom and dad have decided to add the gene for smartness, to take out the obesity gene, the gene that controls the risk of alcoholism, and the ones that predispose people to lung cancer and heart disease.

A couple like this would effectively be searching for their ideal child in a catalog, almost as if they were deciding on a mail order purchase; and what would happen if the child, in spite of its genetic advantages, turned out to be a bit of a flop? There seems to be a threat here to the old idea that the parents' love for their child should be unconditional.

Another immoral consequence of genetic engineering in humans is extreme social inequality. Because only the rich will be able to afford expensive genetic interventions, two different classes will emerge in society, one with a vast genetic superiority over the other. This will competely undermine the old ideal of our fundamental human equality and the idea that each individual should have a chance of rising to the top of society.

In a modern society it would be unacceptable if someone was born into a social class that they could not possibly rise out of. For these and for other reasons it is clear that genetic engineering in humans would be immoral. Although there might be a few cases where a very limited form of genetic engineering might be justifiable on purely medical grounds, it is to be hoped that we will never allow parents to start picking and choosing the genetic make-up of their loved ones.

America is sometimes referred to as a "nation of immigrants" because of our largely open-door policy toward accepting foreigners pursuing their vision of the American Dream. Recently, there has been a clamor to close that door, arguing that immigrants threaten American life by taking jobs from American workers, by using much-needed social services, and by eroding on the "American way of life.

A common argument among those opposing further immigration is that foreigners take U. That view was highlighted by a recent poll, according to which sixty-two percent of non-blacks and sixty-three percent of blacks agreed that "new immigrants take jobs away from American workers.

The nature of personal interaction is that leads into your thesis it cannot be summed up in a single, simple dialogue between people — they are only signposts that show where their relationship is going or from where it has arrived from thesis. Personal interaction cannot be restricted to isolated dialogue, which is only the reflection of relationships that in turn grow and change over time. Through this, it is evident that prose narrative as a text type text type gives an author unusual freedom how the text type works in which to detail the dynamics of a relationship to their audience through evolving depictions of dialogue technique.

It rings particularly true to the inconsistency of relationships when such a message is as equally relevant to pigs taking control of a farm as it is to a boy wizard and his estranged uncle summary of texts , set over fifty years apart context. It's possible to pre-write them if you have a decent idea of what the question's going to be. Otherwise, just follow the checklist. Last edited by Tacitus; 23 Mar at 9: Pepperpie , AngelaBengela , mrpotatoed and 8 others like this.

Or even more simply, just give quotes significance and meaning. Rhetoric is tested in the Creative section of the exam. Here, you are tested as to how quickly and how clearly you think, within a pre-determined paragraph structure. Because of this, there are some golden rules: Make sure one sentence follows onto another. If a sentence appears difficult to understand or place into context, the marker will thank whatever gods they have if they re-read the previous sentence and suddenly understand everything.

I had a similar problem in year 12 where I began a paragraph with the best of intentions, and then just listed the quote and the analysis, without explaining how the analysis was justified by the quote. This is unfortunately impossible without a technique in Advanced and Standard English.

The marker will thank you, given that most people prefer to swim. It comes in six parts, and is a little more complicated than what you may have seen before: Reference back to question A bit more in-depthly: What you set out to prove. Variations on your thesis are extremely good. You will, of course, be restricted by the question in this regard.

Make sure you mix it up, though. Five identical thesis statements heading each paragraph is not a good look. At what point in the story your evidence comes from bonus points for act and scene numbers. Much easier than it sounds.

Try to include who it was said by, who it was said to, and where it was said less important if said during a significant event in the text, which you should mention instead. The reason for contextualisation is the unfortunate tendency for people to make up quotes on the spot. Including the scene where you found your evidence invites the marker to check you on your honesty. Taken straight from the text. The length can range anywhere from one word to two paragraphs. The only part of your essay apart from techniques that absolutely MUST be memorized.

What gives quotes significance and meaning with the target audience. Similes, metaphors, imagery, personification etc.

What the significance of your quote is, and how it answers the question. It is the final step on the journey from words to meaning. This is the part that takes the most practice, and can rarely be memorised word-for-word to use on exam day.

Linkage usually takes the form of: The use of technique makes the audience feel significance , and this means they can identify with your thesis. As a result, your thesis is an especially relevant take on the question. It can take several sentences to get this across if the technique is complicated, the significance is hard to explain, or your thesis and the question are awkward to slot into a single sentence.

Use as many sentences as you need, because this is where your marks are coming from. It goes without saying that the significance and your thesis have to be closely related. It also goes without saying that your technique has to be justified in giving the significance it does. The use of repetition, for instance, does not mean Hamlet is a post-colonial play. It is the difference between a 60 and an 85, or a 90 and a Too much rides on your linkage for you to ignore it.

Then practice it some more. Of course, there are plenty of variations on the bolded sentence. This is just something to practice with, and maybe fall back on when you get stuck. Statement that your thesis answers the question.

It was mentioned in the linkage section. In reality, this is just the icing on the cake. This paragraph structure should be fail-safe. How does your chosen text communicate the idea of belonging? Interview of Ernie Dingo on where he wants to travel 1 Call Of The Horizon communicates the idea of belonging as a form of attraction towards a particular destination. Practice Body Paragraph 2 harder Practice question: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling, 1 Rowling depicts the most obvious sense of belonging as belonging within the community; in other words, the community recognising and accepting the protagonist.

In this case, the significance of the quote is taken from its point in the story, which happened to be the climax. You can take the significance of the quote from anywhere, as long as you fix your linkage to reach that significance. If you took the linkage out, this paragraph would still appear normal enough in an English essay:

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These "English's" on how an accent or dialects affect a culture, which was a point author Amy tan brought out in her essay. Our evolution of language from a simple "ugh" to our advanced system of grammar has changed the world drastically. /5(4).

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My year 11 comparative essay (scored 18/20). I studied Gattaca and a short story, both were science-fiction texts, but regardless of the text you've studied you can use this as a guide for how to structure your essay and how to link in context with the text and how to analyse how although texts can come from totally different time periods, they can . Disclaimer: Please note that all kinds of custom academic papers ordered from writing service, including, but not limited to, essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, book reviews, should be used as reference material only.