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COMP11212 Fundamentals of Computation (2017-2018)

Compare your result to your notes from the coursework. You might want to team up with other students from your course to compare responses and essay plans. Anticipate Exam Questions Try to think up your own exam questions.

This should help you think more broadly about the course and think of common themes and ideas. It will help you get a feel for the type of questions that might be on the paper.

You should not, however, believe that you can predict what will be on the exam and only revise accordingly. Your guess might be a bad one! Mock Exams Using a past paper, undertake a mock exam, under exam conditions.

This will help you practice writing under time constraints. You might want to just practice one exam question at a time or you might want to try the complete exam paper.

Discussion in ' Manchester Medical School ' started by med , Sep 3, Aug 7, Messages: Pm me if you can! Dec 18, Messages: Sem 1 exam papers Hi Sem 1 at manchester has been changed and is now Life Cycle. The digestive system is now Sem4. Apr 30, Messages: If anyone has any spare Life cycle question I would die to have a look at them.

Sep 12, Messages: There is a few sample semester 1 life cycle questions on medlea. I had a look at them and nearly cried-so hard! Also there is a couple of examples for the progress test Anyone started revision yet? I need to soon but I've got tonsilitis!! Got a bit on a few cases to finish too Oct 6, Messages: I tried and failed to get past papers for 1st yr exams at leeds. Apparently they just recycle the same questions year in, year out so don't release them to us mere students I'm guessing it's the same at Manchester?

January exams - now that's just evil! Aug 29, Messages: Apr 28, Messages:

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prepare well before your exams, with our study skills resources and past papers; do well during your exams, with information about avoiding misconduct and exam locations; and, The University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL. Open campus map. Connect with us. Examination Feedback and Past Exam Papers The School has a policy that every internal examiner produces a generic feedback document at the end of each examination period. These documents should briefly state: common mistakes that were made by the students, where students were particularly loosing marks, and identifies the questions that.

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University of Manchester Past papers Past exam paper search The University’s past exam papers database provides students with a useful way of revising for exams by providing a simple method of searching for course related exam papers from previous years. Do you study at University of Manchester? On StuDocu you find all the study guides, past exams and lecture notes you need to pass your exams with better grades.