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What does term mean?

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In Jungian psychology, the term racial unconscious denotes unconscious psychic material, present in a person from birth, common to humankind and accumulated by the experience of all preceding generations.

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User: The term racial unconscious means that Weegy: The term racial unconscious or collective unconscious means: the inherited part of the unconscious that especially in the psychoanalytic theory of C. G. Jung occurs in and is shared by all the members of a people or race. User: If a story took place on another planet, it would most likely be a .

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The term racial unconscious means that A. we're all prejudiced to some degree, even though we're unaware of it. B. you must learn the law of club and fang to survive. C. each species and culture share ancient memories, stored in the unconscious part of the mind. D. nature weeds out the weakest and unfit. What does the term racial unconscious mean? Get the answers you need, now!/5(3).

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Novel. posted by Anonymous Thursday, September 4, at pm 1. The term racial unconscious means that A. nature weeds out the weakest and unfit. B. you must learn the law of club and fang to survive. Racial unconscious definition: psychology → another term for collective unconscious | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.