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Whistle Blowing

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❶The ethicality of such monitoring has been questioned by ethical scholars Brian Elzweig and Donna K.

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Has greed, ambition, the threat of globalization, lack of competition, poor leadership and the new technologies to make all this seem seamless, changed the rules for corporations and governance? Has the bottom-line or the need for the last dollar put a shroud upon the business operation standards in this country?

There are no guarantees in life or big business. Issues With Whistle Blowing. Whistle lowing Introduction and History of Whistle lowing Whistle blowing is the revealing of immoral, illegal or illegitimate deeds to authorities. The authorities may be insiders or from outside the affected organization.

Many cases of whistle blowing involve people revealing information to outsiders especially media organizations or pressure groups about an act they consider to be irresponsible, irregular or illegal Robbins, Scandals involving big corporations and that have led to the collapse of such organizations such as WorldCom and Enron among others come to mind Minks, Federal government has since enacted several statutes tailored at dealing with the problem.

This paper therefore aims at discussing these laws. Three whistle blowing cases involving the government and another three involving corporations will also be…… [Read More]. Counseling the Ethical Dilemma -- Whistle Blowing. Counseling The Ethical Dilemma -- histle Blowing The ethical dilemma I faced occurred just after I graduated from high school, in the summer before I started college. I was hired as an "orderly" at a county facility for elderly people sometimes called a nursing home.

It was called a county "hospital and home" for the very frail and elderly in our community. Most of them had been placed their by families due to the difficulty those families experienced in providing good care for them. Some families visited on Sundays; but many of the patients never received any visitors. It was quite sad, and just outside the day room windows everyone could clearly see where they were headed -- to the cemetery. I was given no training relative to the real issues these older people all individuals in the ward I worked in were male were facing.

My job was basically…… [Read More]. Sarbanes Oxley and Whistleblowing. Whistle-Blowing and Sarbanes-Oxley The relevance of whistleblowers in an organizational setting cannot be overstated. As a matter of fact, whistleblowers have in the past helped bring about the much needed changes in organizations. They can, therefore, be referred to as guardians of public accountability. It is, however, important to note that whistleblowing does have its own unique challenges.

This is particularly the case given that whistleblowers risk isolation, ridicule, loss of employment, etc. In essence, a whistleblower, in an organizational setting, is an employee or any officer or representative of the firm who lifts the lid on issues or undertakings within the firm that he or she deems illegal, dubious, or generally harmful to the interests of various stakeholders Holt, In general terms, whistleblowers possess specific characteristics. To begin with, in addition to being brave, whistleblowers are typically morally upright.

To lift…… [Read More]. Nurse Whistleblower Whistleblowing in the. Whistle-bowing can also empower nurses, however, with successful instances of whistle-blowing potentially inspiring others that had noticed wrongdoing and remained to afraid to speak out.

The more whistle-blowing occurs, the stronger and more empowered individual nurses will be in making the decision to point out issues in care provision and general conduct, and though this can…… [Read More]. Whistle Blowing Is a Business. There is an increasing recognition of this not only among investigators and regulators, but also among businesses and employees alike. Clearly, the general attitude of employers and employees towards whistle blowing is changing with time.

Generally, this is the result of consequences generated by corporate wrongdoing, and also by the increase of importance attached to ethical business practices. Corporate responsibility in terms of both society and the environment has seen great increases over the last decade. For this reason, the importance of whistle blowing is also increasing. Indeed, it can be seen as the ethical responsibility of employees to disclose activities when they have suspicions regarding certain practices.

By making whistle blowing a standard ethical element of business, the corporate world can ensure that businesses work for the mutual benefit of employers, employees and the public they serve. Coke pays off whistleblower. Whistle Blowing Both Sides Whistle. A suggestion within the company, or a well-spoken word can often end the problem before going public with it is necessary "Ethical Dissent," n. The thought behind this is that whistle blowing, or drawing public attention to an issue, actually makes a problem worse, when privately addressing could make it better.

In addition, those who condemn the practice may also mention the negative professional consequences, such as firing, that often occur along with whistle blowing, in addition to personal retaliation. Thus, the issue of whistle blowing is something that all must face in the professional world, whether they are in the public or private sector. In the end, whistle blowing is a personal decision on the part of an employee, and it can be admirable when done to right something that is inherently wrong.

Business Cases Does Blowing the. Summary of Sides The rise of social media and the near ubiquity of its use has led to an increasing trend of employers screening potential hires and monitoring existing employees through their social media activity on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The ethicality of such monitoring has been questioned by ethical scholars Brian Elzweig and Donna K. Pepples argue that employers have a responsibility to their organizations to ensure that employees are not negligent in their actions that directly affect the company or that might negatively reflect upon the company.

More to the point, these authors argue that there is no real expectation of privacy on social networking sites and that employers could not be violating any such expectation, as "a general expectation cannot be relied upon just by using the privacy settings" p. Employers are upholding their duty…… [Read More]. Blow the Whistle on What You Heard. If so, how will you blow the whistle? If you decide to blow the whistle, what are your reasons for doing so?

Your discussion should reflect knowledge of what Boatright says about issues, problems and justifications for whistle-blowing. Also, in discussing the answers to these questions you should include the following: Kantian moral theory, utilitarian moral theory and virtue theory.

The situation Our MBA is not really aware of what is going on; all he has is assumptions, guesses. He has no actual proof. In the first case, he has had suspicions of several transactions -- their accounting practices seem suspect - and he has pointed out…… [Read More]. Variables that Inspire a Person to Blow the Whistle. Determinants of whistleblowing within government agencies. Public Personnel Management, 44 4: Cho and Song examine the determinants of whistleblowing behaviors in public administrative positions in their study by basing their approach on the work of Miceli and Near, who "argued that proactive personality, less co-worker invalidation, and leverage in the specific situation lead to whistleblowing" p.

However, in their research, Cho and Song find that the determining variables behind whistleblowing in public are complex and many relevant variables remain unexplored. The purpose of their study is to examine some of these variables more closely and open the door for further investigation into what causes public administration whistleblowers to go public with their information.

The thesis of the researchers is that the factors leading to this activity are dynamic, interacting, complex and personal.

The methodology of the study is to test for several…… [Read More]. Business Ethics A corporate ethics officer is a relatively new position in terms of modern corporate structure. However, in an age of such ethical uncertainty, this position is becoming more necessary than ever thought of.

Overall, the ethics officer has three major roles in the corporation: First and foremost, ethics officers are a major part of any corporation's security force. From this position, ethics officers must have both technical and business experience to be able to understand security issues as they arise and respond with swift and efficient actions. Breaches in security and ethics are thus tied in the modern work environment.

Thus, "the ethics officer is responsible for making sure that appropriate actions are taken if unethical activity…… [Read More]. Old Story of the The. According to Moberly "during its first three years, only 3. Legal questions also arise regarding an employee's duty to speak out against a legal infraction. This is an especially complex subject for professionals such as accountants who are bound by confidentiality.

This provision was a serious issue in the case of United States v. And Subsidiaries [ F. Also, an employee may wish to reveal the conduct of his superior who did something legal, but ethically not clean let's say he decided to resize the company, laid off a good number of employees forcing the market value of the corporation's shares to rise and sold his stock right after that, knowing that in a short while the market value of the company's shares would fall down.

One man won, a lot of people lost - shareholders, employees, their families, the local stores etc. Obviously, the deed is done, nothing can be repaired. Therefore, the person may choose not to speak.

Companies have been created with the goal of fulfilling customers' needs. As a consequence, people…… [Read More]. Ethics and Technology Questions What. Creating reporting agencies that know how to deal with such information in a proactive manner is necessary, rather than relying upon the media to publicize the negative information.

The lack of protective legislation is another problem. However, there is often great difficulty in generating legislative and popular support for protections to be accorded to whistle-blowers. Historically, many whistleblowers are like Daniel Ellsberg, who revealed the true nature of the war in Vietnam to the American public -- they have embarrassed organizations or companies with powerful interests in Congress. Other whistleblowers seem to have mixed motives for doing so, like whistle-blowing executives who testify against a corporation solely to protect their own skins in light of a coming financial debacle or ethical scandal.

What impact has it had on the standard of living and worker productivity? In some ways, it has vastly improved the lives of workers -- workers can…… [Read More]. Accounting Fraud There Are Numerous. But these bills were not received and paid for several months since these costs were incurred, while accounting principles required that the company made such payment estimations that were supposed to be matched by the revenues in the income statements. Therefore, the CFO told its subordinates to release accruals that were considered too high.

However, Sullivan managed to book his entries with the help of other managers that obtained the account number and determined subordinates to make the entry. In addition to this, some of the accounting department's employees made accrual releases without informing the senior managers. This situation was established as a regular practice at WorldCom. The company's accountants also took part in this situation. This is because they accepted to release…… [Read More].

Worldcom's Collapse and the Accounting. The reality was that a company which aspired to be "the No. The pressure placed upon accountants at ordCom was reflective of the pressure facing accountants throughout the economy during this period of widely absence securities oversight. Indeed, the relationship between regulation and accounting is essential, and this diminished link would have catastrophic implications for the profession as a whole. Such is shown by the Scott text, which tells that "efficient securities market theory has major implications for financial accounting.

One of these is that supplementary information in financial statement notes or elsewhere is just as useful as information in the financial statements proper. Another is that efficiency is defined relative to a stock of publicly known information. Financial reporting has a role to play in improving the amount, timing, and accuracy of this…… [Read More]. Whistleblowing and Its Effect on Policy. Cooper's Ethical Decision-Making And The Case Of Corcoran State Prison The Situation The situation at Corcoran State Prison was one in which prison authorities were staging gladiatorial type combats between prisoners, baiting prisoners by exploiting poor race relations and tossing them into the "yard" during the recreation hour at the prison Dryburgh, , p.

Guard Steve igg attempted to stop this policy but was unsuccessful. Moreover, guards were needlessly firing into the crowd of inmates in order to break up fights that they themselves helped to instigate. Guards were then prompted by other guards to falsify reports in order to cover-up any wrongdoing. It was in this situation that the inmate Preston Tate was shot in the head accidentally by guards following one of these fights among…… [Read More]. Capital Management Blows Whistle A whistleblower in the classic sense of the word possesses a number of key characteristics.

Some of these pertain to the fact that whistleblowers tend to believe that there are acts of impropriety at their workplace. In this respect most whistleblowers have a keen sense of ethics as well as a sense of social justice that helps to actuate them. There is a duality to the sort of ethical conviction that a whistleblower has. Firstly, he or she must believe that his or her organization is making some sort of ethical violation in which they are taking advantage of other shareholders.

Such shareholders include those in upper level management, those in conventional 'worker bee' roles, as well as public shareholders on the market and the extended friends and families of workers. Secondly, the whistleblower must consider the ethics of taking such information to an outside entity. Gender and Ethics Agree With. Men and women have different societal expectations in regard to how the act, which plays a role in how they see and respond to things.

Practices of Female and Male Superintendents. Business Ethics Do You Think. In this case the affair did not have any apparent effect on the business. In fact during the time of the nearly two-year affair profits actually rose. However the whistle blower believed that the affair was morally wrong, particularly because the boss was married with children. The whistleblower believed that ultimately the affair would be detrimental to the business so he blew the whistle.

He believed that the affair was an indication that the boss was a poor decision maker and that this poor decision making would ultimately cause the business some harm.

Some people believed that he was not obligated to tell of the affair. However, others argued that it would be just a matter of time before the decisions that he made in his private life would affect the manner in which the business was run. In this instance the idea of preventing harm encompassed a broad scope. Whistleblowing It Explains and Analyzes the Term. Whistleblowing The term "Whistleblowing" is any revelation of information by an employee or candidate for employment which the employee or candidate rationally believes evidences one of the following: According to some whistleblowing "refers to a warning issued by a member or former member of an organization to the public about a serious wrongdoing or…… [Read More].

Ethics in Administration Terry L. Whistle-blowing can have many adverse effects on the person doing the whistle-blowing and there are definitely feelings of loneliness that can arise when a whistle-blower decides to make some noise. Cooper gives some prime examples of whistle-blowing cases in chapter six, but he insists that there are still many who have "gone away quietly" , which may appear to be the safest option for the individual, yet that means that the public will never know the truth about what was going on -- and so, the individual really does have a moral responsibility to the public so that unethical behavior isn't allowed at any level as it will eventually seep into the very core of the organization and back into society.

Whistle-blowing, no matter what way it is looked at is "risky," according to Cooper People who blow the whistle not only face scrutiny and alienation, but they may…… [Read More]. Ethical Behavior in Organizations. Ethical Behavior Theory in Organizations This analytical research report discusses the debatable issue of the much-needed ethical behavior in working milieu.

The research paper highlights the fundamental characteristics, a well-drafted research design, a separate section of suggestions; a orks Cited an appendix featuring important data and relevant diagrams pertaining to the organizational behavior theory and the underlying ethical issues.

The orks Cited nine sources in MLA format. False claims act contain 'qui tam' or whistleblower provisions. This work will discuss the pros and cons of being a whistleblower and to ask the question of if one were aware of the fraudulent issues in the healthcare organization why would they not report the issues? In , in the case NLR vs. Supreme Court established the rights of employees to have a union representative at an investigatory interview and this rights are known as Weingarten Rights.

The investigation interview happens when a supervisor questions the employee for the purpose of obtaining information that could be used in a discipline or conduct complaint against the employee. In the event the employee believes that they result negative outcomes from what they have to say the employee under the Weingarten Rights has the right to request union representation at the hearing. Corruption Many Things Are Different.

To combat the corruption inherent in such a system, we need to protect and nurture whistle blowing. Certainly, the more eyes there are on a situation, the more transparent it is, both in government and in business. The corruption that the recent recession revealed in the U. Enforcement takes human observation to fulfill this priority. There is not enough police to go around.

However, the common citizen, armed with legal protections, will provide this. Retrieved 11 August from http: How Whistleblowers can Help Public Administrators. Public Administration and the ole of the Whistleblower The role of the whistleblower in Public Administration is one that continues to be controversial.

On the one hand, some members of the public view the whistleblower as an important player in the maintenance of public service offices and agencies. Individuals like Edward Snowden are seen as patriots because they expose overreach and illegal activity by agencies like the NSA which overstep their mandates.

Others view the same individuals as threats to the State or to the public offices and agencies to which they belong. This view holds that the agency or office should not be exposed to public scrutiny and that theft of information or "leaks" produced by hacking are a crime that should be punished: Personal Can Ethics Get -Corporate and.

Basically, she is confronting the issue of role ambiguity. Is it really her job to monitor corporate ethics and compliance or should she simply wait until her manager hangs himself through his own carelessness?

This introduces another stressor that she faces, that is, one of career development. Turning her boss in jeopardizes her upward mobility. Ambiguity and threat to her career are big factors. The interpersonal relationships she has developed after the department down-sizing have become that much stronger and she feels that she may be putting her group members in jeopardy as well as herself. They have become so close partly because of the job conditions where they have had to operate independently of their mostly absent manager.

In summary, what makes this case so pertinent is that it really happened in the recent past. The ethical issues are genuine and are faced on a daily basis by…… [Read More]. Satyam the Enron of India. Satyam -- The Enron of India," involves its former chairman amalinga aju, who admitted to years of corporate fraud in At the heart of this fraud was the way in which aju handled the accounting reports of the company.

An initial attempt to cover up the company's debt culminated in the necessity to fabricate an increasing amount of revenue. This type of corporate fraud is an unfortunately frequent occurrence in the world of business today. The problem involved in fraudulent activity is that it cannot continue perpetually. Even years of fraud will eventually, of necessity, be revealed when accountants or interested parties notice a discrepancy between what is reported and the cash flow that is in fact available.

Furthermore, revealed corporate fraud tends to tarnish a company's reputation in the eyes of the public it serves…… [Read More]. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World. The stakeholders can be thought of in two different primary groups to make the first set of distinctions, internal and external groups.

The first way in which the Colberia's supported the PharmaCARE Corporation is through their sharing of intellectual property that had been passed down their ancestral linages for an untold number of years.

The "healers" had accumulated generations of ancient tidbits that were undoubtedly accumulated through trial and error…… [Read More]. Communication for Information System Technology.

The ethics committee is also being used increasingly to provide training classes of ethics along with protection of internal whistle-blowing system. The ACCC have boosted the ongoing change by launching a system of supportive codes on ethical disagreement using third party arbitrary services. Professional institutes also are adopting code of ethics that may be used by all members of the family. The change in trade is spreading over various professions.

Around 30 institutes are providing learning course and research on ethics in Australian industries. A joint research project of U. And Australia suggests that social responsibility and strict adherence with proper code of ethics provides an average positive economic benefit. The aforementioned research used statistical analysis. Some universities and educational institutes are also providing courses in business and professional ethics.

The ethics centers also engage the teachers and staff providing research and consultation works. There are many other universities where…… [Read More]. Information Technology IT Ethics and. He sat on the issue until he was able to retire and then brought the unethical actions into the light. In the meantime, the government through the NSA was amassing significant information about the Internet usage of American citizens. No matter the justification for this action, it cannot be supported ethically.

As individuals, we may have nothing to hide, but the erosion of civil liberties and privacy is a dangerous precedent to set. The information gathered today could easily be used against American citizens in the future, should some new justification be conjured up. It is crucial that unethical it behavior is rooted out at every possible opportunity. Only by speaking out against illicit behavior can we operate in the it world with clear consciences.

Business Ethics in Drug Companies. Detailed in the report are the issues regarding: The Ethical issues relating to marketing and advertising, intellectual property, and regulation of product safety in relation to PharmaCAE Business ethics can be defined as the art, system, method and the discipline that is applied to along with ethical principles to solve complex business issues and dilemmas. It defines the actions that are taken that tries to reach a balance between the organization achieving its business and economic obligations and social obligations Moon, One of the ethics that is applicable in this case is related to the advertisement…… [Read More].

Insider Trading Legal and Ethical. Even if he hints around in a non-direct way that his friends should sell their stock without coming out and saying it, he may be guilty of insider trading because the information on the merger has not yet been made known to the public. This is unethical and what the corporate officer should steer the conversation in a different direction and if his friends insist on continuing to ask questions he should firmly, but politely tell them he is not allowed to discuss personal company information with them.

Likewise, an employee has a certain amount of fiduciary responsibility if he knows that there are fraudulent practices happening at the corporation. If the employee knows that there is insider trading or if he knows that the accounting practices the corporation is using are dishonest, then he has an obligation to report what he knows.

Some employees, especially if they do not…… [Read More]. Corporate World According to prior research studies, plagiarism is not just appearing in the academic environment.

Now, plagiarism is being seen in corporate America as a way to "adjust" information that might otherwise seem unfavorable to stakeholders, higher-ups, or others who will be provided information regarding something to do with the company.

Financial issues are often a part of the plagiarism issue, but there are other concerns that are not related to the company's finances.

No matter what concerns a corporation has, it should be honest about those concerns and not attempt to cover them up with dishonesty of any kind. There are other dishonest practices other than plagiarism that are used in corporations today, but plagiarism is one of the more common problems that is discovered.

It appears to be acceptable until it is discovered, and it is important that the researcher examines just how much plagiarism is permeating…… [Read More]. The defects will be the concern of the local manufacturer and not that of the business. This, again, will mean savings on waste, labor and shipping. As a desirable consequence, outsourcing will boost the host country's economic condition by providing affordable products to the citizens. This enhances consumer spending Marie.

Outsourcing manufacturing, however, encourages dependence on the outsourcing partner Marie, This is a disadvantage on the side of the contractor if the partner goes out of business. Fortunately, this can be offset if the parts for manufacturing are distributed to different contractors and all the elements sent to a final contractor to assemble the finished product. Cost and time other disadvantages. Tests will require more time for fine tuning before distribution.

These processes cannot be avoided. However, strategic planning with the right outsourcing partner may prevent or eliminate the risks of outsourcing manufacturing internationally Marie.

Ethics and Social Responsibility…… [Read More]. Code of Silence Breeding Ground. In their examination of whistle-blowing practices -- i. At first, this appears to be an encouraging sign -- officers that hold higher positions within the various law enforcement agencies are more likely to ensure that their peers and the officers underneath them adhere to the ethical practices expected of them. Yet these findings also show that younger or less tenured officers still perceive the code of silence as a way of getting ahead, suggesting that this code still provides…… [Read More].

Ethics the Best Practices for. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that outcomes are what the public sees. Therefore, it is the potential outcomes that should be the guiding ethical principles. Ethics are mainly a problem in business when a company is perceived as unethical. Monsanto is a great example - few people have any ethical problems with this company, so their lack of ethics does not impact their business prospects.

The other reason why outcomes should be the guiding principle is because one of the most significant sources of ethical problems for companies is front-line managers. These low-level managers face strong pressure from above, but are generally not the firm's best decision-makers.

As a result, they make poor decisions in response to pressure. If these managers were guided by duty as their main ethical principle, they would respond to pressure by doing whatever they feel senior management wants them to…… [Read More]. Against Strict Compliance Arguments for. The enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has brought exponentially higher costs of operating to every organization that must comply to its requirements. As many organizations are already quite lean in terms of headcount to minimize costs, many outsource compliance and the resulting business process management BPO activities to outsourcing organizations.

Ironically legislation meant to bring American companies into higher levels of compliance continues to be one of the most lucrative businesses globally for outsourcing companies. Business Process Outsourcing BPO continues to accelerate as organizations spend heavily to gain access to expertise they do not have the funds to hire or the resources to fully take advantage of.

The costs of compliance and governance and the risks associated with it paradoxically create higher levels of risk for organizations the laws were meant to protect and infuse with stability. Yet for all the costs of compliance, the benefits to organizations have already…… [Read More]. King Jewels Ethical Leadership in Practice.

Consequently, there is a strong belief that whistle blowers should never be punished. Saving organization from imminent collapse and setting an example as well as precedents are some of the merits considered in protecting whistle blowers.

In addition, they may be right or wrong depending on the position they take as well as the issues at hand. Some do lose their jobs while others reap by acquiring promotion.

There are channels that offer confidentiality for ensuring protection to the whistle blower. Whistle blowing issues For whistle blowing to take place, there has to be violation of the ethics necessary for the smooth running of an organization. There are various issues that have to be dealt with whenever an action is considered as whistle blowing.

These issues in most cases involve the political contributions to the corporation or firm. Stock trading is one of the biggest avenues to grand mismanagement of many corporations.

All the above issues warrant some form of exposure when they are carried out. Attitude and perception While majority of people support whistle blowing, others think it should never be encouraged.

According to Terance Miethe in the book Whistleblowing at Work, the action of whistle blowing is regarded as betrayal of company as well as the entire management. While some people may be inclined towards accepting whistle blowing, this may well spell the end of their jobs. This presents a dilemma between keeping mum, thus saving ones job, or going public with information hence losing the job. On a brighter side, whistle blowing enjoys immense support of a majority of people all over the world.

Whistle blowers are to some extent regarded as saviors who help an important entity in the longer term. Many researchers have sought to unmask the reasons behind whistle blowing as well as the psychology of those who carry out the action. The circumstances that surround the action and the motivation are some of the most interesting aspects of whistle blowing that any scholar would want to address.

The mode of carrying out the action is of interest too. Many people report malpractice cases because they conflict their morale beliefs. As a matter of fact, a system that offers confidentiality in the whistle blowing process encourages other people to carry out the action. However, there are other people who are just motivated by malice and revenge.

It may be a case of backlash from disgruntled employees who may possess various reasons for bringing down the organization. In most case therefore, the law requires the government official who receives the whistle blowing information to establish reasons of genuine whistle blowing Lawrence and Weber, This calls for strong evidence under which a case can be built against the accused.

According to Marcia and Janet , many people tend to report malpractices in an organization to external authorities rather that the internal ones. This is particularly common if the culprits belong to the top management of the organization involved. The top management in such cases could conspire to silence the whistle blower and devise a cover up plan by destroying all the evidence.

Watchdog agencies, the media, opposition politicians, legal authorities and lawyers are the most common avenues that people use in whistle blowing activities. This is because they guarantee confidentiality of the whistle blowing information. Ethics and ethical reasoning On a wider scope, ethics is a philosophical branch that addresses issues that deal with morality. On a closer look, ethics is the concept that defines right or wrongdoing. Ethics define and point to the instances when actions are ethical or unethical.

Business ethics explore the meaning and application of ethical principles and ethical problems that arise in a business setting. Ethics stress on the importance of following the right procedures when carrying out business transactions. When ethics are not followed, they allow for clash between personal and company interests which may lead to the compromise of rules and the subsequent breakdown of the order that prevails in business practices.

Hoffman, Frederick and Frederick argue that corruption and misuse of funds are common occurrences in the business world due to the breakdown of ethical procedure in organizations. Various actions are done in utter disregard of laid down rules or partially bending the existing rules. If these uncouth practices are not checked, they may result into heavy loses financially as well as the loss of credibility of the organization.

On the other hand, it is evident that other ethics are not related at all to whistle blowing. These are the programs that are geared towards giving back to the community. These ethics involve an organization being accountable for its actions that affect the community in which they carry out business. The advances in information technology have enabled people to access a lot of information on the behavior of various businesses and government personalities.

Normally, not all the people in an organization may be involved in malpractices; some may be coerced into doing so with treats and sanctions. The presence of reporting mechanisms offer a chance to such people to report to the concerned authorities about the on-goings in the organization. Every organization needs to adopt some form of ethics that will enable whistle blowing activity where and if necessary. The government will also play a role in shaping such a policy.

According to Ravishankar , the policy will enhance the cultivation of a precedent that will be followed by current and future employees.

The ethics will ensure the presence of checks and balances that will discourage any intention by employees and management to compromises ethics. It is important to note here that ethics about whistle blowing do not necessarily have to be within an organization; they may be cultivated as part of a national culture where breakdown of norms and ethics is discouraged. Organizations have to create a working environment where employees are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers to anything that they feel is not right.

Internal democracy in those organizations will ensure free speech as long as it is not intended for malice. Companies must formulate policies that support whistle blowing and ensure that the top management endorses the same.

A lot good will must accompany the policy such as being publicized to the employees. The policy will encourage openness amongst the employees. All complaints regarding whistle blowing must be investigated to show seriousness and commitment to the cause that whistle blowing is imperative. Business and government relations Business and government relations take all angles that anyone can imagine. However, the relations can be summarized as being cordial and antagonistic at times. The government greatly shapes business practices in different settings.

There are other situations when the government extends facilities like credit, tax incentives and rescue packages to businesses such as the famous Troubled Asset Relief Program in the United States. At the same time, government is mandated by the people to restrain all rogue businesses that do not follow rules and other ethical practices.

This is the regulation role of the government in whistle blowing activities. Whistle blowing is adequately covered in these laws that every business has to follow succinctly. The government, through the laws enacted demands accountability from all business organizations.

The laws Every organization has ethics that govern how it serves its clientele. The ethics govern the response of the organization to the respective response of various stimuli for every situation.

The organizational ethics largely depend on organizational culture. Besides that, they follow the laid down guidelines from the government which are standard and uniform for every organization that operates within a defined territory. The ethics prescribe individual as well as corporate behavior that projects the image of the organization. Indeed, these are contained in the national laws of the particular country that the organization operates. Furthermore, there are other standards set internally that guide any whistle blowing activity.

The above two standards are meant to provide the easy way out for whistle blowers actions. These acts may be geared towards saving companies and the government massive losses or possible collapse. There must be a written ethics code of conduct that is availed to every employee for mastery and adherence. Training of the employees on the organizational ethics must also be always available. Regular advice must also be availed whenever such a need arises.

Finally, there has to be an established a system of reporting that must be marked with confidentiality. These are likely to make organizational ethical system a success. There are laws that have been enacted to chiefly protect those that have witnessed unethical practices in government or in the private sector.

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This is a common result of whistle-blowing and sometimes deters people from doing the right thing. Additionally, whistle-blowing can lead to distrust between teammates and /5(18).

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- Whistle blowing Whistle blowing is an attempt of an employee or former employee of a company to reveal what he or she believes to be a wrongdoing in or by a company or organization. Whistle blowing tries to make others aware of practices that are considered illegal or immoral. We will write a custom essay sample on Whistle Blowing specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Most managers and employees personally approve of the practice of whistleblowing, although managers appear to be slightly less empathetic on the issue than do employees.

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Blowing a whistle is considered to be immoral if done in the premises of a professional firm for the outsiders; consequently, the choice of blowing a whistle is a major problem in engineering. It is the duty of an engineer to tell others about the harm it contains if the . Whistle blowing issues4 Attitude and perception5 Ethics and ethical reasoning6 Business and government relations8 The laws9 Customer protection12 Ensuring success of the culture12 Conclusion13 References15 Whistle blowing Abstract Whistle blowing is becoming a common practice in many business and government organizations all over the world.